Friday, 10 July 2009

Big Brother 10: The Mighty Douche has left the building

So tonight's the night! Team Tyranny are going to get a sharp slap in the face courtesy of us!
Noirin has fucked herself because she's made an enemy of her allies, and even the thickies are suspicious of her now. LOVED Freddie in that argument last night, he was on fire!
Noirin, please wash that hoodie. It's a very nice hoodie, but you do milk it. It must be getting musty.
Karly's judgement of character is poor. Kris WAS a womaniser, but isn't anymore (yes, because he's on TV, stupid.) Oh and when 'Halfwit doesn't speak, he's brilliant'. Same for you, Karly.
Liked Marcus chatting with Freddie. Siavash, they didn't actually SAY that you were up for nomination, so don't swear on your mum's life. Siavash will not go, anyway. But what if his nominations get cancelled?
I liked Karly's geisha make-up. Who did all the face painting, some of them looked really good. Freddie was so right in that diary room. Kris is the one who needs his head cutting off for the good of the group.
Noirin, 'Freddie you're a funny little creature, annoying but lovable.' Patronising bitch.
Rodrigo is ALWAYS brushing his teeth. Luckily, it's normally fascinating. His tongue scraping technique on the live feed yesterday was a masterclass in oral evacuation.
Aw, looks at Kris in bed with Charlie and Sophie. How romantic. Shame it's all going to be over.
YES! Good has won against evil, even though evil was prettier. I was glad Kris defended Sophie being called 'Dogface'; I wish they'd get over that, it's so dumb.
Haha, Kris got called a loser and a bully and even the psychologist put it on him. I suspect when they were showing him clips of him in the diary room he was just staring at his own hair.
I'm not sorry to see Kris go, and watching them all grizzling on the live bit afterwards was just delightful.
Bye then, Kris. long live king Freddie!

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