Monday, 13 July 2009

Big Brother 10: I'm happy here, I'm happy

The swearing task was hard; I think I would struggle not to swear for a few seconds, let alone hours. How do people on TV/radio manage it!? I give 'em half an hour, max. I liked Siavash's strategy of just not speaking, but he ruined it by showing off.
Noirin finally cracked, then. I'm not surprised. Having Marcus in one ear and Lisa in another must be hard in anyone's book, and that hoodie! It must ming. She needs some Deofab (just as good as Febreeze and 99p instead of £2.99)
Noirin; get inside the 'wife and mother' box where you belong! That's all you're going to amount to according to Marcus (well, after the Nuts shoot, of course, and that's the closest he'll get to seeing your bits).
Charlie seems to be erased from BB highlights at the moment! Good. Sophie is right; Marcus does think he knows everything. OMG Sophie DIDN'T nominate Freddie! Finally, the penny DROPS! Hurrah!
Norin is reaping her rabbit-harvest tonight. Will she go? I honestly don't know. Is she more hated than Marcus? I'm indifferent.
Sophie and Karly don't want to be seen 'papped' in the same thing twice. They'll be fucking the same footballer within 12 months (I hear Jermain Defoe is the latest pass-around for ex-BBers and WAGs alike), so I don't think they need to worry about that. The fact they have the audacity to say such things is actually sad. Are they in there to entertain us? No. They are in there for VIP tickets to the kind of pit where Danielle Lloyd is left to bleed to death on the floor whilst Jack Tweed grieves for Jade over a pair of fake boobs and a line of charlie in a toilet cubicle. God, what aspirations.
Yay Freddie nominated Karly! About time. Freddie is cocky now and I quite like it. Bet Karly nominates him, that girl don't know when she's lost the battle. Fuck, she didn't! I'm stunned. Is Freddie off the hook this week? Lawks! Fuck even LISA didn't nominate him!!! The ranks are revolting!
I'm not sure I do want Noirin to go though, because she's on 'our' side, isn't she?
Yay, Noirin nominated Lisa and Karly! It's weird seeing Noirin a bit disempowered. I like it in a way, but in a way I just want her to kick off and tell them all to go fuck themselves.
God, they've finally seen through Lisa. I can't believe it. And Rodrigo nominated Lisa and Karly too! Wow. This really is a turnaround. Kris going has made such a difference.
It fucked me off when Karly and Lisa and Sophie are like 'Freddie's alright now' like he was just waiting for their seal of approval. Fuck off, who cares what you think, you hags.
Wish Siavash had nominated Lisa instead of Noirin. I would have loved to see her up. But Karly'll do.
Lisa is such a sly, greedy cunt; I've seen her squirrel away booze and food on so many occasions. She's such a hatchet-faced old harridan and she WOULD begrudge people things, she virtually begrudged Freddie drawing breath for the past few weeks. See how she honed in on Noirin now, her new victim. She's such a controlling bitch. Smokers SHOULD have less food; I'd be fucked if I'd let them have the same amount as me whilst taking a huge chunk out of the budget for that shit. Go fucking smoke yourself to death, you dried-up old twat.
Honestly, the way Siavash carps on, you'd think he'd just thrown himself under a bus to save an orphaned puppy. Yes, you are marginally less repugnant than the majority of the people in that house, but it doesn't make you the Dali fucking Lama, so give it a rest, son.
Oh god, Marcus and Noirin in the garden was painful. Noirin has realised she's fucked herself by taking on Lisa, and now her only ally is salivating over her. I'd be tempted to jump ship!
Jesus, there's like 12 thousand ad-breaks in BB tonight.
Marcus isn't particularly aggressive; despite the lies Lisa's trying to embed. It's sad to see Sophie starving herself to fit into a dress as I sit here scoffing Milk Tray. Ooh, Charlie speaks! Get back in your hole, idiot boy. Rodrigo tried to make them all get along, but Lisa is happy being a bitter old troll and wants to bring everyone else down with her. Why isn't she up?!!
Can't believe Freddie's not up! It's the end of an era. Looking forward to seeing his face when they announce it. And Karly's *evil cackle*

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