Thursday, 2 July 2009

Big Brother 10: These people have got their own brains

Here we go again, it's bullying hour!
Do you think Siavash has had his love of clothes beaten out of him yet?
Charlie has never seen someone be nasty to Freddie. Shoulda gone to Specsavers. Freddie was brave taking on the holy trinity of cuntville. I just get this sick feeling in my stomach with it all now.
'Sree you're doing brilliant.' No Lisa, he isn't.
I'm glad they ate the ice-cream. As an aside, people who have sauce on ice-cream are morally WRONG. Siavash looked a bit Jesus-like posing in his snail costume.
Marcus's painting was pretty cool. All those years painting World of Warcraft figures weren't wasted after all. Bless him, he thought the art critic really liked it, but he just liked it above a shit-coloured splodge and a childishly drawn face.
God, Karly is such a sour-faced, cruel, nasty, unpleasant person. I pity her boyfriend. I hate her nearly as much as Kris. No one can justify their hatred of Freddie, which is why they get so frustrated with him, because he holds a mirror up to how unfair they are being. 'You'll see when you get out,' said Karly, sinisterly. No, YOU'LL see, you rancid old cunt. When she called him vindictive it was the biggest example of transference I've ever seen in my life.
Lisa will never get it. Never. Charlie; 'These people have got their own brains.' No. No they haven't. Dear Lord, if someone stuck up for Freddie I'd probably drop down dead with shock. The fact we are accepting Siavash's and Marcus's half-hearted, behind-closed-doors crumbs they throw him on occasion proves just how bad the situation is.
I don't even see Kris, Karly, Charlie, Sophie and Lisa as housemates anymore, they are just hate-filled bags of shit with mouths.
I like it when Rodrigo gets ratty. It proves he's alive! I hate all this gameplan talk. It's boring.
Oh my god, Big Brother actually stood up for Freddie. Try stopping calling him Halfwit next, because it's about as funny as suicide bombing, and just as unfashionable.
Oh my God, they've realised they are bullying him then, because why would they say 'if I were him I would leave'? That's what they want, they just want to break him.
If that's Freddie's idea of a great day, those stereo-less parties really aren't as good as he makes out. He's off his head, he's got skin thicker than Sophie and Kris' future offspring.
Karly envisaging him going; nice try, love. He'll be there long after they've kicked your spiteful arse out. If I was Fearne Cotton, I'd go annoy an angry dog, just so I could have a face transplant and not have to look like you anymore.

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