Friday, 17 July 2009

Big Brother 10: I Dinnae Ken(neth)

Let's cull Karly! Noirin's hoodie is innocent. Hello, it's Davina, please dial carefully, and not like a spazz because you can't really be trusted with that phone, can you?
Don't disrespect the furniture! Listen to Lisa carping 'I'm not to blame': what a sucker. And calling Rex a male chauvinist pig. She can talk. At least Rex was entertaining.
Why was Freddie complaining his suit wasn't working?! He's a masochist. Noirin was crying! God Lisa is so PATHETIC! Rex is brill! I liked his torturing them. Sadistic bastard! I'll never forget 'I'll swap you for Scrabble'- the finest scriptwriter in the world couldn't write that shit.
Charlie's prize; am I right they offered him anything in the world and he asked for a McDonalds? Class!
It was rubbish when Freddie refused the prize; don't martyrise yourself, Freddie. Karly could probably have had a billion fags! Idiot. Still, she only needs 'em til tonight. I'd ask for a day trip out, or to have my boyfriend shipped in for an hour for a conjugal visit. Funny that Rodrigo asked for a letter from his family and Siavash asked for cheese n onion crisps. I think Sophie's is the best thing, though, to see her dog. That would be amazing in there, I bet.
OMG look how many crisps Siavash got, that's a SACK full! He'd be my new best friend. Haha, BB don't give them a lighter! That would be the ultimate in funny. Marcus saved the day! Lisa'll still nominate him next week. Desperate hags, so easily pleased.
Who's clothes was Charlie wearing? Kat Slater's? That fight was rubbish. RODRIGO, DON'T DISRESPECT THE FURNITURE! Honestly, the hypocrisy. Mind you, why was there cooking oil in the bedroom anyway? Rodrigo takes the piss. That's domestic violence! If Marcus did that, it'd be bye bye. But Rodrigo can get away with murder cos he's pretty. Crisp n Dry! D'ya want fries with that?
OMG Karly's going to get the boot just as her boyfriend is going in! What's the frequency, Kenneth? How funny that he's going in just as she's leaving. He's not what I expected her boyfriend to be like. They don't seem very compatible. How weird. Damn, I want to see them interact now. Waving his money round... he's obviously got a small dick.
Bea is 24 going on 40. She looks alright though. I like her dress. Maybe she'll fuck Freddie?
David is going to annoy either Charlie or Rodrigo. My boyfriend said 'Bruno meets Matalan'.
Hira- hybrid accent- argh.
Tom looks boring, I thought they were going to bring in a young fit guy for Sophie or Noirin to fight over. He's like another jungle cat. I feel a little disappointed by these housemates. Karly's boyfriend was the money shot, really, and that's all going to be a damp squib shortly.
I don't like the fact the new housemates know their names (i.e. they've been watching), it gets on my nerves.
If I was Karly and that was my boyfriend I'd be like, 'right, you're coming with me!'
Yay, they are showing the house in the background now on the eviction show. I don't really care about Karly's interview. I just want to see what the new housemates are like. She actually seemed quite nice, though, oddly.
Hi I'm Hira. How do I open a door? God, she's not going to get this task. Karly's boyfriend at least understands sentences, I suspect. I'm not sure I understand it, fully, though, are they allowed to coerce others to vote? Argh, she's thick, she's getting on my nerves already. I don't want the new housemates to put Freddie up. Grr. How annoying.
That worked well, didn't it? She doesn't even know what a hamper is. Urgh, that Tom guy is so ugly. I feel anti-climatic. It's like Suzy getting the golden ticket all over again.

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Thrill Fiction said...

I thought Hira was putting on a Yankee accent. You what? Talking over the guy who's giving you instructions. Was it nerves or is hers a permanent condition?

So she married her cousin. Whom she's known all her life. American hillbillies get a bad rap for that.


Bet the newbies fail the task and she gets voted out.

Who'll open the door for her?