Friday, 3 July 2009

Big brother 10: mobile blogging 1- that fucking toerag

I'm away but mobile blogging so bear with me, I've already lost half of what I've written and it was fookin gold. This is dedication.
Marcus's pow pow pow moment was a storm in a tea cup: they take the piss out of freddies accent constantly. Glad he stood up for himself. Sree tried to squeeze a few tears out though, god love him.
Christ: they've bullie freddie relentlessly in a pack for weeks, Marcus does one Sreepersonation and gets a warning.
I guess it was the danny dyer style 'i'll see you ahtside' thing wot did him.
What does a formal warning mean anyway? Is it just one given to you whilst wearing black tie?
LOVED Marcus refusing to take the warning on the chin. His logic was mega warped. I do hate much about Mar-cous! (as rodrigo would say) but at least he fights his corner and provides the lols.
'That little piss-ant- I could really honestly kill him with my eyebrow' is probably the best line ever spoken in that diary room.
Fair play to him for daring to stand up to BB! It makes a change. He is borderline offensive/daily mailesque but I like that in a BB contestant. Freddie, Siavash & Marcus are my top 3 right now. Siavash don't play the card. Adam and Joe said the the other week that the only accent it's ok to impersonate is French!
Ooh sophies fringe is cool. Sree looks twitchy.
I'm gonna post this now in case it combusts. Back for the eviction.

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Anonymous said...

Aw bless you for still blogging while away :)

I thought Marcus had some really valid points in his argument with BB, I started to like him more ...until I saw him in the live feed talking about Noirin (urgh!!).

Have a good weekend!

Moonbeam x