Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Big Brother 10: Here to Have Fun

The Noirinvirus has the hoodie of doom on again. Another scalp is going to be leaving it's owner!
Noirin, you twat, stop CUDDLING AND KISSING YOUR FRIENDS WHO FANCY YOU. Are you thick? You're not thick, that's the weird bit. OMG then she said she didn't want Bea to cuddle Siavash! She really is taking the mick now. You can't have your cake, eat it, stamp on it, piss on it, then refuse everyone else the rest! You can't!
Bea to Noirin: 'You are a conundrum.' Minus the o,n,d,r, second u, and m. Plus t.
LOL Bea nominated conversation killer David. Everytime someone is having an interesting chat on the live feed, out comes David to talk a load of horseshit about something dull. He's killing that programme singlehandedly. At least she took one for the team (i.e. the viewers) and voted Lisa. Bea, it's not manipulatable, it's malleable.
Would have liked to have seen Charlie's reasons for nominating Noirin and Siavash, is that too much to ask, BB?
David nominated Marcus! Boo. He provides approximately 382874832754893 times more entertainment than you. He can't converse with you because it's like talking to a fucking parsnip. You're useless! Why do we have to hear his nominations? They were drab. Ooh, he likes car boot sales though.
Come on Hira, prove you're worth something. Oh. You voted Marcus. At least he's awake at night, you dull bint. Hira, good judge of character; and 'good friend' to Noirin apparently. I have honestly never seen the pair of them speak, and I watch a couple of hours of live feed per night.
Would Marcus care about someone being a flirt in the house if he DIDN'T fancy them? No. Therefore his speil about looking out for Noirin is misleading. Is Bea manipulating Marcus by pretending to understand him? Maybe it is she playing the game, not Noirin.
Ooh Freddie nominated Charlie and Lisa! Would like to have seen that also. Denied!
Well done Siavash, you dumped a woman willing to have sex with you for a woman obsessed with cuddles. Nice move. (Haha, he said this word for word later)
Ha, Marcus nominated Noirin for being mean to Hira and Sophie. NOTHING to do with Siavash. Honest.
Oh Bea fuck off to the big green gathering with your threesome. Go plant a tree, and hold someone's leg for them whilst they have sex with someone else, you moron.
Noirin, 'friend' count whilst nominating: five.
Marcus VS Noirin! Now THAT'S an eviction! I guess Noirin will go, because she is female, and she has been naughty, but I'm sure Marcus will give her a run for her money.
What does Freddie like training lovers in? I don't like it when he goes pervy and starts hmming but Bea is a prize bitch. You can't blame him for getting the wrong end of the stick in a way. At the same time, she's not obliged to fancy him, but no need to call him sleazy behind his back.
What's the difference between spiritual free love and randy free love? At least randiness is honest. Spiritual is just a scented candle and a fucking dreamcatcher. Grow up, Bea.
David is apparently 27/28? Is he fuck! He looks as old as Lisa! Can you follow the train of this conversation: 'I love Vivienne Westwood, I'm not a religious person, I am a Catholic, but I worship her so much.' Is Vivienne Westwood the new Pope? Lisa's face was actually quite funny.
Ooh Marcus put his toe back in the Noirin acid! Sssssssssssssssfriendssssssssshavefunsssssssouch!!!!! That shit stings.
Oh god, David and Bea talking dancing again! Great stuff.
Siavash was enjoying the Marcus thing. But then I don't believe Marcus was asleep. Still, why not make him squirm.
Hold on, if Bea already said the teaching lovers thing, how could it be bad for Freddie to repeat it? She's old fashioned when she wants to be. Oh dear, Freddie still didn't get the message though- 'you would be over my shoulder and into the bedroom like that'- is that whether she likes it or not?!
Oh God, Noirin is rating lovers now. Is there no depth she can't plunge to? I'll be sorry to see the back of her though. The girl is nuts. She has made this series.
Oh and a snog with her good friend Siavash to say goodnight. Mixed messages? Moi? That hoodie is like fucking heroin in that house. Believe.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just wanted to say, I don't read bloggs, came across yours, have been following for a few days. Your comments are very drole(oll?), really good style. Congrats :-)

johnifer said...

Eurgh! Marcus is such a cruel, manipulative bastard. I don't get why noirin even cares that he's gone in a huff with her!