Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Big Brother 10: 'Noirin- Stay.'

Interesting that Lisa doesn't really dare stand up to Bea. Because Bea could take her in a battle of the words. But Bea is a dickhead as well, so either way you lose.
Did Bea have ten inches of her hair cut off? Noirin's in her hoodie again. It's better this way. When she wore that new one once I didn't know where I stood.
Oh Freddie, you spazz, women (in general) don't get sexually frustrated after a week. Maybe she doesn't like being watched/ judged/ dictated to about eggs. Freddie is as deluded about women as Marcus. In fact all the straight men in that house are insane. Freddie, if a woman fancies you, she doesn't tell you off for being sleazy. She likes it when you're sleazy.
How come Noirin's hugging Marcus now? Oh bloody hell. I can't... keep... track. Now Marcus falls back into his telling Noirin off role. It really is Groundhog Day.
Task- zzz. Marcus and Lisa's ceasefire is weird. Maybe they'll end up best chums?
Siavash and Bea; yawn! Another showmance. Bea is actually quite a piece of work. She's more corrupt in a way because she pretends she's innocent. At least Noirin admits she's Satan. Bea is just chief shit-stirrer.
Siavash is right that Bea and Freddie aren't pro-him and Noirin, on live feed the other night they ripped them to bits and Freddie essentially just said Siavash was after an OK deal. I think even OK might balk- maybe Take a Break would be interested? Bella?
It looked like Charlie deliberately knocked that DVD player off to me. I wouldn't put it past the little shit.
We really need more sympathetic characters. I hate all these wankers. What has it really got to do with Siavash that Noirin and Marcus are up for the chop? He likes being the bad guy, he likes the role he's created for himself. It's a shame; he was a solid contender before; he's been revealed as a bit weak and a bit sneaky.
Noirin complaining about being nominated; what do you fucking EXPECT? And so what if Freddie nominated you (I can't remember if he did) but I remember YOU nominating HIM after he got your marker pen glasses removed (oh and I was thinking about the stupid glasses thing; remember how ruthless Noirin was when she chose to do that, she said 'I've worked hard to get here' and the she was just mute for two weeks. Now look at her!)
Hmm, bad atmosphere in the house. Bloody Bea calling Freddie a drama queen! She's the drama queen. I hate her, she's insidious, basically hinting to Siavash and Noirin that Freddie was talking about them. Well so was she; I saw her. She fancies Siavash; she doesn't want space. She's just being an arsehole. If you want to go to sleep, say 'I'm going to sleep' to Freddie. I thought you were meant to be intelligent?
Why are people in that house always forcing hugs on people who don't want them?!
Wow, what a depressing Big Brother. And now they are bringing Noirin's boyfriend in! It'll be Fight Night Two, Marcus or Siavash will walk (I would) OR it will all be a damp squib. But it can't be any worse than tonights show. I'm off to slit my wrists, Sree stylee!


johnifer said...

OMG ARE YOU WATCHING THE LIVE FEED?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! There's a new guy in there and noirin just kissed him right on the lips and then invited him to watch her in the bath!

lightupvirginmary said...

I am, it's her ex boyfriend! How happy is Marcus? It's WEIRD. Siavash must be in bits. Noirin has got some fucking front! She is RUTHLESS.
I need to go sleepies but I'm intrigued!

johnifer said...

Argh!!! What was her biggest mistake? I'm confused... what did I miss????