Thursday, 2 July 2009

Big Brother 10: I'm 200% staying

I could barely stand blogging it tonight; the bastard factor towards Freddie was just too much. But then things happened I wanted to comment on, so I guess something's working in a weird way.
It's actually uncomfortable to watch now. Fetch my gun; Karly needs a bullet in the head (and lets just tape her mouth up whilst we're at it). Her attitude in that task stank. Rodrigo's singing was funny though, but he's such a prima-donna.
I liked it when Freddie went to the toilet and effectively spoke to 'us'. He knows what's going on, and it's not a gameplan, Lisa, you mouth-on-a-stick, it's called having a brain. If he can stick it out, the world's his.
Freddie trying to reason with Kris was just painful. Kris is just a cunt, that's all he is, just pondlife. If I was his mother and I'd given birth to such a vacuous troll, I'd be forced to invent time-travel and fuck off back to 1985 to get sterilised. Freddie isn't patronising you, you're just an amoeba, curly top. How can Freddie keep calm? Three people took a pop at him in one day! Then Kris goes, 'you've been up three times'. He's also been SAVED three times. Make that four this friday.
Omg Sree in the ice cream task. What a disaster. He was a disaster awake, and a double-disaster half asleep. Some people just can't function first thing, can they? I like the fact Marcus was still being acerbic despite being half asleep.
Siavash provided the lols again, but walked off when Kris started, so minus points for that.
I just started following Davina on FB. She had a go at Kris. Good. Having said that, Davina should be impartial, but Big Mouth has destroyed that myth anyway.

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Thrill Fiction said...

Hats off to the London Mythtress. 'Shard work daily recapping.

If Sree stays Marcu and Siavash are up next week. Noirin's a floater ie will go to Lisa's camp (if Sree stays) and Rodrigo will be the last 'individual' left standing.

But if Sree goes...

Lisa erupts at Freddy (or Marcus) over the weekend.