Saturday, 4 July 2009

Big brother 10: mobile blogging 2- personally me

Sorry for the delay on this 2nd bit, there was an unexpected incident that took precedence. More important that BB? I know, weird.
So now I'm watching the sanitised Saturday repeat zone! Please do not bleep. I don't trust my iPhone and I don't trust blog writer lite. It's free and it's shit.
Sree, the sun ain't out. Honestly. Take the glasses off. He didn't look as broken as I expected though. Or did he? He looked kinda tearful in the interview. His speech looked planned. I like his sparkly shirt.
Yay Kelly osbourne telling sree he doesnt know when to shut up. Lol. Personally me. Check. 85% of the vote even after marcous gate! Hehe.
Interesting that they showed him the noms this time. It was a big fuck up cutting that out before. In fact this who interview format makes when they changed the countdown colours from a sedate blue to garish fuschia stripes look like a well-thought out decision.
I don't care what that toothy bint has to say-she's ok on bblb but not for this show.
Sree was under the cosh a bit in that interview and davina was quite hard on him. He was a little runt but he had his moments. The Noirin thing was kind of sad.

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