Saturday, 25 July 2009

Big Brother 10: I feel like Jesus Christ

Marcus has got his camo-gear on! Bring on the war.
I have been bingeing on live feed the last two days, and Marcus is a broken man. His Noirinanny has collapsed and even all the chat about the Matrix/ computer games and the 'Big Brother brain' aren't going to get him off the hook (t.m. Maxwell RIP).
I like Siavash and Noirin sneaking around; it's making them more interesting. I like the fact they are blatantly enjoying it; it's quite interesting to watch someone throw caution to the wind in such a cavalier way, especially after Siavash so carefully stage-managed his image up to that point.
I don't like the way Tom has kind of staked a claim on Noirin without hardly ever having spoke to her. Going to Siavash 'I bet you were talking about me' was pathetic, get over yourself.
OMG Sophie and Kris had sex! WTF did she admit that for? I'm shocked! It must have been pretty crappy.
Marcus and Tom's conversation was VERY interesting on the live feed; Marcus is SO deluded it's almost unreal. Tom actually gave it to him good; and Marcus was totally on the back-foot. Tom called him out really well. Can't believe he called him a pervy weirdo and creepy; that was spot on.
OMG again, I can't BELIEVE Noirin said she liked Tom after all that? Is she fucking psychotic? You can't steal someone's boyfriend, then say you fancy someone else more, that is outrageous! I was on her side up until that point. Why is she saying that stuff on TV? Now I understand why she's worried she's hated; she's pushed her luck big time! She does treat men like a prize; and that's not right. And then as soon as they are into her; bye bye. She is audacious. I almost still admire it. She makes Makosi look like Samanda.
Poor Siavash; he's a lamb to the slaughter. Noirin is crazy! At least it's an interesting storyline though; it's like Hollyoaks. Noirin comparing herself to Jesus Christ was amazing; that girl has got some balls. Look at her, sacrificing herself for the good of the house (and her ego).
Freddie's not getting much of an edit since Bea castrated him.
Noirin's obsession with her exes is pathetic. She only likes them because they're unobtainable too.
Then Noirin dumped Siavash! Eek. His girlfriend must be doing cartwheels; I love it. Then straight after she stuck it to Marcus. That girl has got front! She's foolhardy but brave.
Noirin: friend! Friend! Friend! Who needs friends with her around? She's off her fucking head. yet still I don't hate her. It must be horrible to be so flaky, and to not know what you want like that. She actually has no need to apologise to Marcus. As for Siavash... well.
PS: why was she dressed like a Stepford wife tonight?
PPS: can't wait for Marcus and Siavash to lock horns tomorrow.

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