Monday, 27 July 2009

Big Brother 10: Toad Wars!

How brave Tom was to sum up a bunch of people he'd been watching on TV for a month, and walk out. What a guy. Particularly cruel to Sophie; Kris hasn't actually done anything, as far as I know, except be his douchy self that she fell in love with. I'd look at Tom if I was her and wonder what exactly his opinion was worth. BYE.
I also don't like everyone thinking it's a shit year and wanting to walk. It's actually been a very interesting year, even if BB is essentially leaving them to rot. Did like Tom dissing David though; David makes Sophie look like a genius, he's so pig-thick.
The trilogy of hoodie-worship lingers on. Liked Marcus and Noirin barking 'shut the fuck up' at each other yesterday.
Why is Lisa still in that house? They should just do a Hira edit on her, invisible ink stylee!
Marcus would know the difference between a frog and a toad... or would he? Ah, he wouldn't. He is such a fuckin' know it all! His faux-rebellion against BB was just sad, really. The matrix is crumbling! Mind you, I hate all the token nonsense, it's boring as fuck. I couldn't give two shits if Noirin gets to straighten her hair, or if Charlie gets a shower, could you?
Oh God, Bea 'you're struggling to take 100% responsibility for your actions' STFU you drippy twat. I can't stick her! Tom was right about her; everything is stage managed. Who the fuck is she to tell him off? She's not his mum. Go wash your hair with spirituality instead of a token, you pretentious dimwit. Marcus 'took a stand' against tokens! Hehe. Rawk!
Natterjack toad! LOL. I've just googled it, and Marcus is WRONG. WRONG WRONG WRONG. Can he ever accept it? Will he? Perhaps it's his personality that's identical to the one in the outside world that got confused. Bringing up Adrian Mole as a line of defence just shows how low he's sunk. What next, Jossy's Giants called to the witness stand?
Marcus trying to reason with BB as if they were all friends was tragic! You're not the matinee idol, Marcus, you're the fall guy! Don't you get it? He doesn't get it, does he.
I want Bea to re-evaluate her coping strategy and stick it up her arse, the patronising bitch. She was bludgeoning Freddie into submission! He looked like he'd been sobbing. Aw Freddie won me back round again today! He's lush. Glad he stuck up for Marcus.
I liked Marcus giving Bea a hug; I don't think she wanted to hug him, so I appreciate she knew he needed it more than she did. She's not ALL bad.
Sophie is right; at least she (and all the other people he named freaks) stuck it out, unlike Tom and Kenneth, the supposed 'real men of the world'.
Noirin gave Siavash's helium breath the BRUSH OFF! How long before he joins Marcus on the subs bench? I give it three days, max before they are sitting tearing chunks out of her, going 'bro's before ho's'.
Hahahaha, Siavash: 'what do you think of me and Noirin, honest odds?' Bea: 'Not great.' Siavash: 'Shit. Bit too honest.' Hahahaha! Don't ask then! Bea is blunt! It serves him right a little bit though. I feel sorry for his girlfriend.
Watching Siavash realise what the situation was I felt quite sorry for him. You threw it away for nothing, mate. Noirin: 'it's not a big deal.' Heartless! She was even smiling!
'What you talking about... there's no us.' I could almost feel the dagger in his heart. It's not actually fair to steal someone's boyfriend and treat them like that. Do it for the love of your life, who you just HAVE to have. But not just for a game, Noirin. It's not nice.
Noirin is a player. Siavash got played. Are you still having FUN with your FRIENDS, Noirin?
It's a cruel, cruel world.

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Jossy's Giants!!! Hahahahahahaha

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