Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Big Brother 10: Quiet, please

Words can barely describe the unbridled joy I felt watching last night's live feed and finding out that Kris and Sophie were up for nomination, too. I actually don't mind Sophie that much, but Kris? Oh, it's just too good. Also, having to watch him sit in silence was highly enjoyable. When he's not talking hateful twaddle, you can actually enjoy his good looks again.
It was like Charlie was making up for lost time when they finally let him speak again. He just kept repeating 'I had to do it for ten hours, you only had to do it for four' to Kris and Sophie. Who cares, the result is the same, so STFU (again).
Now I wanna know if their nominations got cancelled, too (oh, they didn't.)
I think I'd have had a face like someone had just ripped open my special edition action toys if I had to listen to that shower of cretins singing Phil Collins, too. Poor Marcous, is he finally seeing it? That he is just filling the Sree-shaped void?
Hehe, Charlie in the diary room! Eat that, dumbass. He didn't even nominate Freddie! All the more reason to vote out The Mighty Douche (i.e. Kris). Haha, no one even noticed Charlie was being silent for ages. Gutted. I liked Marcus saying 'doing a pretend task'.
What has Noirin done to lead FREDDIE on?! Am I watching the same show? God, I want Noirin's perfume. Personally, I don't think she's even particularly flirty. I don't know what's up with everyone in that house. She was wrong to vote Siavash; he tried to help her the other night.
Is Charlie thick or something (!), he spoke about a billion times that day. I liked him a lot better mute, too.
Kris to Charlie: 'why can't you talk?' Freddie (deadpan): 'Presumably he can't say.' To be fair to Kris, if I was in there, I would have wound Charlie the fuck up, too, just for the lols. God, why is Freddie following him round when he can't say no? Ah...!
They didn't show many of the nominations, boo! That's one of the best bits.
Marcus; 'I did have a grope under the covers.' URGH! Gross, gross, gross, and I doubt it. Is he fifteen? Not very gallant.
Kris's 'I know more celebrities than Siavash' banter was definitely not mint. But that was the moment he fucked himself, so hurrah anyway.
I think Freddie has gone mental tonight; stalking Charlie, and becoming 'sexual rivals' with Marcus for Noirin. NEITHER of you are getting in her pants! And even if you did, it would probably be really fucking dull. The end! However, I don't think she should have to apologise because Marcus fancies her. That's his problem. And later when they said it was 'for the best' if she didn't cuddle anyone, why; in case she accidentally gets gang-raped? This is some sexist shit.
I don't like the way Noirin (and Kris) were talking to Siavash. 'Why do you wear that...' like Noirin and Kris, the vain bastards, only wear clothes that are 'comfy'! Siavash, how dare you express your individual style! Join the sheep down Topshop! Baa! Who made Noirin judge and jury on what was right and wrong in the world? She doesn't even ever wash that bloody hoodie she's welded into.
So did Big Brother fix the noms by giving them an impossible task? Yes. I wouldn't have thought it's humanly possible to not make a single sound for even an hour. Do I care that it's a fix? No, because they have been plotting to vote Freddie every fucking week, and they are arseholes.
Sophie's 'girls go first' comment seems slightly odd, the show has been on for bloody months now. Her and Karly both have a persecution complex about being pretty; it's stupid and sad.
Anyway, it's not about Sophie. It's about Kris and Charlie, and the only trouble is if the vote gets split between them (and how unpopular is Marcus?)
But one of Team Cunt must go this week. That much is certain. Don't let me down.

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Thrill Fiction said...

I guess the fix is in 'cos Endemol don't want Lisa to rule the house.

Despite all of marcus' paranoia and Freddy's snivelling I like her.

Especially now that Sree's gone.