Friday, 24 July 2009

Big Brother 10: It aint Colditz, mate

The eviction cancelled! Boo. This Friday night isn't working out the way I wanted it to, in more ways than one. Davina's Scottish accent was worse than mine.
Hira, David and Tom; the most pointless housemates in history? I liked it at the start when Marcus didn't boast about the Great Escape, it was nice.
I like the fact the Siavash/ Noirin thing is going on right under other people's noses, even though it came out of nowhere. It's something new for BB, we've a relationship like that before in the house. It's amazing that they have kept it secret so far, and even more so because of Marcus, and the red herring Tom. You couldn't write it, really. Do I give a damn about Siavash's girlfriend? No. Has he ruined his 'gameplan'? Utterly! Does Noirin fancy him? I don't have a clue! She is an enigma. I like it though, I like the fact she's got everyone running around after her. It's fun!
It's funny that everyone in the house has mentioned leaving lately; Rodrigo, Sophie, Tom. No one cares about being punished, just look at Marcus yesterday.
I love it when BB is angry and reads back to people their misdemeanors and things they've said. It's funny as fuck. Marcus can basically do what he likes in that place. Oh no, now Davina said what I said. I hate it when that happens.
I think Marcus is my current favourite housemate. Is that weird? He's out-buffooning Freddie, and has the best one liners. Go to jail, do not pass go, do not collect £200.
Aw it was cute when Noirin was under the brolly talking to Marcus. I like her hoodie, even though she's welded to it. I even bought a tribute hoodie, but it smells of monster munch.
I've gone off Freddie at the moment; Bea gets on my nerves and I don't like him slavering over her.
So does Noirin like her ex or what? I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her! Still don't find her particularly flirty though, and the whole 'she's a prick-tease' thing is tedious beyond words.
Urgh, Bono!
God I hate Tom, he's just awful! He's got muscles in place of a personality. And no, Davina, I don't really give two fucks what Kenneth or Karly think about anything, they're a pair of parasitic cunts.
Noirin and her bloody 'friends'! Is she snogging all of them? Haha, Charlie being get called out as a shitstirrer. He IS a shitstirrer! Fuck you, Lisa, you do care what the outside world thinks, more than anything else.
I watched the snogs on the live feed, and there was loads more excitement than that, BB let Marcus out of jail at one point when they were snogging! It was tense!
Kenny interview: who cares! He's a dick. Ooh he almost said 'such a little thing makes a big difference'. Why won't you change and be nice, Kenny?
Terry Christian; class hate! Haha, he called him thick, lol. And the psychologist called him a sociopath! This is a character assassination. Admittedly he asked for it, but why is he putting himself up for it? Why is Davina interviewing him anyway? He should be relegated to BBLB and the Lambster like all other BB rejects/walkers.
Well done Karly, you are simply worth dinner and a dress or two. You have accepted your lot in life. What a happy ending. Bleed that fucker dry.
I feel jibbed tonight. But still glad Marcus survived. I want to see the carnage.

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