Thursday, 30 July 2009

Big Brother 10: Ironic and Moronic

My friend went on holiday to NY and used my blog as BB catch up when she came back! Just as good as torrents, and infinitely better that BB's official tweets they are doing instead of live feed now. It's the equivalent to going into space, then a decade later trying to sell us the trapeze as a viable alternative.
Noirin to Siavash: 'I don't give a fuck about things that don't matter, because the next day they really don't matter.' Just like you. Ooh, she was still kissing him on the lips that morning!
Bea is begging for a chance to have a go at Lisa. Just begging for it! Pinky and the Brain! LOL.
I laughed more at the boybands in the task, Sophie looked cute in the wig.
Fish n chips! OMG Noirin's casual snogging of Siavash with the knowledge we have was just sick-making. Mind you, who is Bea to comment on it? She's got ulterior motives! Oh and listen to her commenting on it! Thought she wasn't interested in talking about other people's business- MUCH! Then laying into Lisa! She is a super-bitch. She makes Lisa look a spent force.
Then slagging off Lisa for being on the dole; class wars! Not everyone has a pony, Bea, and if you've got that much cash, get your fucking teeth fixed, love. (Most of what she said WAS true, though, hehe).
David has become our new favourite housemate, just due to his mind-blowing idiocy and the joy of doing impressions of him. 'I like dancin'/ car-booting/ sleeping' (delete as applicable).
I LOVED the reaction to Isaac's entry 'Fuck the new housemate, now where's those fucking chips?' I've never seen a less warm welcome! Marcus kept his head down low! Siavash looked beleaguered.
No chips for Siavash? Not even a sausage in batter? Bless! Good old Freddie, eating his chips on the bench (and laughing heartily!)
Isaac has no fucking right to say a word to Noirin about Siavash; isn't he her EX?! Noirin is a serial apologiser. Daddy may be back, but he's an arse, and a control freak by the look of that.
Siavash has got his comfort jacket on. Out comes Marcus, smug as you like. 'Looking like a fucking horrible person and an idiot in the space of a week.' Marcus and Freddie both laughing! Cruel!
At least Isaac tried to come out and make the effort, or was he just marking his territory? Ooh Freddie doesn't like him! Lisa and David crowing in the diary room! Funny.
Noirin could really have got off her arse and spoke to Siavash, the selfish cunt. Then laughing about stamping on someone's heart. She is a piece of WORK. I hope Isaac fucks her over good and proper. She is the most despicable Big Brother housemate there's ever been, and she has got COMPETITION!
I can't believe Isaac had to tell Noirin they should sleep in separate beds. What is she going to do next, stick her tongue down his throat in front of Siavash, whilst chirping 'friends! fun!'
She DOES owe you an explanation, Siavash. She really does.
Bea is BRAVE taking Noirin and on. She looked DISGUSTED. Isaac is just a steam-roller. I liked him telling Bea to butt out, but at the same time, she and everyone in that house are entitled to an opinion on the situation, whether he likes it or not. I liked it when he got all irked and started spinning round on that chair. Bea, you DID pass judgement, and I'm glad he called her out. 'I'm down to be friends with you' sounded like a total threat. Then Bea apologised! Sucka. Is Bea Noirin's closest friend? I think I'd rather be friends with Marcus. Bea should have just fronted it and gone, 'you disgust me Noirin, you heartless bitch, and as for you, meat-head, shove your Spring Break up your arsehole' and it would probably win her the show.
Siavash should have walked in a way, but Bea was right, it's not a good a legacy. I don't blame him for not wanting to sleep with them in the same room.
Yay to Rodrigo calling her out! I love Rodrigo. Arguing whilst cleaning his teeth! That's dedication.
How come Marcus gets away with all of his behaviour and gets to ride the high horse? Give that tattoo a trim. Keep it in your Big Brother brain (whatever that means)!
Anyway, it's all good, apparently.

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