Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Big Brother 10: Yes Sree Can

I did begin blogging yesterday but it was so tedious I just gave up. Kris was exceptionally nasty to Freddie, I know that much.
Nominations! Time for Charlie to act the goat. Hmm, Siavash; another interesting outsider chosen. It's bland or bugger off in that place.
Halfwit has missed a trick nominating Lisa in my opinion. How can he not have nominated Kris? Still, I'd be happy to see Lisa up.
Here's an aside. McCoys... man's crisps... what a load of bullshit. I've been eating that shit for years, and I aint no geezer. They'll have Danny Dyer advertising them next. 'Here...'
Unimaginative housemates nominating Freddie. Don't they get it yet?
How come Sophie gets drinks for free? It's not because she's a girl, it's because she doesn't wear much. There's a difference.
Sree doesn't even know when to shut up around nomination time. He's relentless.
I'm not even commenting on the Jedi/Phillipines conversation, it's beneath contempt.
Noirin FINALLY nominated Sree! Thank God. Rodrigo's reason for nominating Freddie was rubbish.
YAY Siavash nominated KRIS! Hallelujah! Siavash just pitched his tent on the side of good. He's now in my top three. Yesssssss! Buh bye Sree! Although I'd still rather see six other people go before Sree.
Sree nommed Noirin. Shame he's not going to be around to make that count later.
This programme seemed exceptionally long. The last half an hour was pretty pointless. I feel like the producers have given up, like they've forgotten to put new housemates in, or rejig the noms. There was one year when you couldn't move for nomination 'twists'. Where are they now, to oust the numpties?

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