Monday, 15 June 2009

Big Brother 10: Your laugh makes me sunshine

Nice to see Lisa and Marcus make up; I won't forget her behaviour though.
Thought, 'ah the nice people' when Freddie, Rodrigo and Angel were in the kitchen and then they started squabbling! Rodrigo is kind of a little baby, isn't he? He can't keep that goody two-shoes act up for three months. It's tedious.
That Noirin glasses thing is just BB bullying Noirin now. But I don't feel very sorry for her, she's unlikeable.
Angel has got body dysmorphia or something. I wouldn't be surprised if she murdered them all in their beds one night, she's a mentalist.
The dancing flowers outfits were cute; quite hard to dance with no music or singing though. They did well in that task, it was hard!
Kris, you're a cock. Freddie is sweet. You're an ignorant, vapid, dull, shallow piece of crap. You're virtually proud of being thick. Charlie if you really think you're the public's winner by picking on someone you're an even bigger twonk than I first though. Can they not see that it makes them look cruel? It makes them look bad, not Freddie. Aw. poor Freddie.
Sree's courting of Noirin was tragic, especially after she said 'I wish he'd just fuck off.' God, he said he was in love with her! That's a bit much. He's smitten! How long before she tells someone? I give it five seconds. Keep Sree in, he's TV gold.
Cairon; please don't say 'pussy'. Gross. Too many bad eggs in that house. And I don't hold out much hope for nominations tomorrow; what's the betting Freddie is up?


Anonymous said...

I'm not watching this til the morning but couldn't resist your blog! Anyways I always said Rodrigo was dull as fuckery, nice to see you starting to agree finally. Angel is a strange one, I agree - I keep thinking she's going to come out of herself, but maybe not. Special mention goes to Charlie - he is CONSTANTLY looking around to see who is observing him and his stupid antics, he really is a pathetic little shit. He just reminds of the worst sort of person I went to school with, only thicker and with a more irritating accent. Sree - lol! I saw him in bed with Noreen on the live feed last night, she didn't look too repulsed actually. MLE x

lightupvirginmary said...

Actually, Noirin was twiddling her hair when he was declaring love; I thought it looked quite flirty.