Thursday, 18 June 2009

Big Brother 10: Please, save her

Oh I'm tired from writing group, but still I feel the blurge. If I hear the words 'old bamboo' one more time I might kick my TV.
Didn't like Lisa and Noirin calling Angel 'cute' in the negative sense; I don't like that word being commandeered for evil. Angel is strange, and is probably attention seeking in her own way, but she's quite a sad figure. She's clearly a loner. I think they are threatened by her uniqueness.
ARGH KRIS YOU'RE A CUNT! Don't talk to Freddie like that; just don't, you arrogant little cock! I'd rather be a geeky pleb than a vacuous, proud-to-be-thick twatamaboob (tm. Charlie Brooker). Die! You ARE the mighty douche!!! How long before someone sees through this chancer? And Charlie. The pair of them should be sent off to war.
God, Noirin is becoming quite the bitch. She's got Kris disease in that she thinks she's a cut above some of the others. She wouldn't dare talk to Sophie, Karly or Kris like she talks to Sree. She's going to put him off pretty quick. Where's her golden heart? Who cares if Sree is a virgin? Him and his principles! Was Marcus hitting on Noirin? Sree wasn't happy! It was sad when he was imploring her to still be his friend. She's cold!
That task gave new meaning to the word tedium. Angel, please don't refer to yourself in the third person. Bad atmosphere in that house.
Watch them make a zillion allowances for Charlie fluffing the routine. Oh no, they just never mentioned it again.
I don't like the word 'tits'! It makes me grumpy to hear men and women using it. I like good old boobs. I'm not surprised Sree was unsettled; I was unsettled by that conversation. Marcus can be quite crude and trying to barter with Noirin to show her boobs was in bad taste. 'The face and the tits and the arse'- how nice to be reduced to the sum of your parts. What is up with these women? If someone said that about me, I'd knock their fucking teeth out. At least Lisa tried; that was something. I liked her comforting Sree as he sobbed, his heartbreak was real. Marcus was a little callous saying all that in front of him. Lisa's gone up in my estimation, Marcus has gone down.
Noirin is SO hard-hearted! She's cruel. She's dealt with that situation SO badly. Sree is making a complete mess of things, but she is more worldly-wise than him. I bet you a zillion quid she nominates him next week.
Tomorrow, vote to evict Cairon... don't let me down, folks. What do you mean you're not even watching it?!

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