Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Big Brother 10: Sophia & Suffia get my vote

Noms! Yay, THAT'S what I'm talking about. Time to find out who hates who. Who's going to be the Victor of the group, giving it large in the DRC? And who's going to be a whiney cry-baby going 'I don't wanna do it... I like them all!' Spare us.
Did you clock Freddie touching Sophie up? Subtle.
Angel voted Sophie because she doesn't provide entertainment (i.e. because she's good-looking). And Sophia because she's an idiot or something. Her reasons were crap.
We didn't get to see Cairon's. Why! Oh God, Charlie's stepped up to the 'I don't want to do it' mark. Zzzz. Don't nominate Freddie!
Suffia; Charlie is NOT going to win this show, especially not with you on his tails.
When is that dog face thing going to end, it's tedium beyond words. It wasn't even funny three days ago. Interesting that Sophie doesn't like Charlie; good.
Also interesting that Freddie nominated Lisa; I find her a little dominating too. There's parts of her I like but parts that are quite annoying, like she knows it all at 35 or whatever she is. Sree is racking up the votes; that's going to make him even more schizo than normal.
She nominated him right back as well (apparently for thinking about what he says). And Karly for having tits and arse! Hold on, you're a lesbian, isn't that alright? Apparently not. Was quite funny when she called him Dip-Shit instead of Half-Wit though.
Sad to hear Sophie going on about the plastic surgery she wants and botox at 21. What a prick.
LOVED Marcus saying 'Sree hasn't been in an environment where there's lots of beautiful women around him getting ready... for me, it happens, I see it all the time.' Where?! Does Marcus have some secret hobbies we don't know about? Actually...! Oh my God, is he serious? 'The last thing I want is for any of the girls to fall for me,' Marcus. Stop worrying. I think you're safe. He's as deluded as Sree!
Please arrange for the immediate shooting of the next person who says 'It is what it is.' It means NOTHING. It is PATHETIC! ARGHHHHHHHH.
Hmm, bit disappointed with the noms, they are going for some of the most entertaining people. Surprised Siavash and Marcus didn't get more, though.
Angel is negative, but Rodrigo is positive to the point of being a Stepford Wife. I think Angel might be mildly mentally ill. She seems depressed.
Could Freddie's arm have looked any more awkward around Sophie? I feel sorry for him though; he's as hopeless as Sree in his own way. Strokey! She didn't look disgusted. I wonder if she was, or if in that house even a perv off a twat in a hat seems quite nice.
Sree's reaction to being called a motherfucker was a masterclass in manipulation, but I'm not sorry to see Sophia getting hers. Boo hoo. Look at Siavash with his hairy chest out! Blergh. Then later his look was peculiar, too. But fair enough to him for telling Sree to chill out. But he won't. And it will be his undoing.
Kris! Do something, you boring bastard. You're no better than Jack Tweed right now. He's a pretty ornament too, but I have no truck with that in a BB contestant. Oh, and then he said 'bird'. I prefer semi-racist grief-merchant Tweed to a sexist.
Urgh, and then his and Sophie's little feel up sesh. Bet she didn't tell him about the one with Freddie earlier. But is what she really wants Cairon? All will be revealed.

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