Saturday, 6 June 2009

Big Brother 10: 'I never get colds, I never get headaches'

Day one. Entrances revisited. Freddie aka Mr Tumnus meets Derren Brown wants a love-in. Good luck. Lisa is coming off a little scary, but only a little. Sophie: 'Your boobs are huge.' Great; that's all you are to people.
Kris, the visual merchandiser. Concerned about his hair. Noirin has nice dimples. Kris; scrunches his hair.
Cairon. Is it? Angel: her accent was driving me round the bend on the live feed last night, plus she was bossy as fuck. Did you see Fearne Polyester (tm: Nic) look him up and down TWICE when he came in. I love catching all the sneaky glances on the first night. Charlie seems dumb.
'This is Sree.' Hello to you, too. He seemed like he was being a bit frosty when he first came in; not very good.
Siavash. I'm struggling to spell these names. I'm a bit wary of him, and it's not just the 'tache. He has an abrasive manner.
I'm liking Freddie for coming out with really silly things and just being the kind of person who would drive you to distraction if you were only out for the night with him. I think he'll be good value as a housemate. Sree looked totally comfortable with that 'hypothetical' affair with Wolverine, didn't he *cough*? Sree is starting to look like the fall guy already.
Why are they exercising on the first night? That's just sick. Boo to the Russian!
Suffia declared she was a beautiful person. Oh dear, it's not so good if you have to say it yourself, is it?
Glad Lisa got made a 'ousemate and glad she chose Kris too. Wise move. I liked her declaring she could pull those blondes if she really worked on it- you've got time!
Whilst I like the Diary Room chair a lot, it's a little on the small side. How are six of them going to pile into it?
Freddie, the jazz was bad enough, but a bisexual if he has enough drinks... don't tell us that on the first night. I suspect Sree will be giving him a wide berth when the drinking games begin.
Marcus made a statement along these lines: 'I'm very fast and strong, I never get headaches, I never get colds and no hearing aids or anything like that' at 35 (!); keep your ambitions high! Hope he stays in, he's great.
Liking BB so far... remember when they put all girls in on the first night, that was so badly misjudged. They seem to know their demographic now. Me!

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