Monday, 22 June 2009

Big Brother 10: We are the music

I had a live feed fest last night and Angel has gone up in my estimation a zillion-fold. I love the fact the matriarchs of the house (Lisa, Angel) are defending Sree against an increasingly arrogant Noirin. She impertinently told Angel last night that she should have children as it was the only way she could be happy, and it was 'meant to be' and 'what was she doing for society'. Idiot. Over-populating the world isn't 'doing something for society'. Don't tell someone how to feel! Angel went 'it's just one more me in the world.' God, then Siavash said, you'd better have children so there's someone to look after you when you're old. Then Marcus went 'wait til you meet someone'. Christ. I've met someone; still hate kids! Now fuck off!
Anyway, on with tonight's show. I'm glad it was Freddie's birthday. He looks WAY older than 24 though; is it all those soundless raves taking their toll. I liked the hippy birthday. Freddie was so happy! It was infectious.
Angel: 'will they give us magic mushrooms?' I wish! That would be amazing.
Not sure how 21 seconds fitted into the hippy theme; it's probably Kris' favourite song. Argh; bongos! It was funny how the atmosphere just soured after about a minute. Christ, that performance they did was terrifying. It was like being at Whirly and the record jumping on that bagpipes track at the same time as you realised the E you took was some nasty acid.
Siavash looked particularly zen as a hippy. He was born in the wrong decade.
Sree runs rings round Marcus in arguments! It was funny when Karly backed Sree up. I think the thing is, people genuinely like Sree. I do, despite him being nutso! He's just an appealing little stalker. Haha, then he started bleating about leaving! There's not been nearly enough fuss about leaving this year.
Oh my god; 'I come from a good university, I have a lot of enhancement skills, communication, vocabulary, interpersonal and engineering skills.' LOL! Really, lol, not just an ironic one.
That was cruel making Freddie do a fifteen minute speech; BB better not influence them nominate him because he's being a dullard. I wanna go to Freddie's special place. Or do I?
I wish he hadn't saved Noirin from permanent graffiti face. Probably the funniest thing about the whole unfunny thing is that I've never once heard Sophie or Freddie moan about being called Dogface or Halfwit, so doesn't that make the 'joke' a bit... pointless?
Liked Marcus explaining to Rodrigo what a crisp sandwich was. Imagine never having known that joy.
Freddie and Angel's dancing was good; they are definitely the hottest couple in the house! Viva la difference! And they had a snog! And they came back for more! Liked seeing Angel loosen up. She's peculiarly sexy in a really weird way.
Sophie's drunkeness was BAD, I don't think I've been that drunk in my life. I think that's a good example of when having sex with a woman would be rape; she was OUT of it. Where did Sophie get the idea Noirin was 'sweet'? She's narky!
The bit where Angel and Sree were talking went on for ages longer than they showed. She was really good with him.
Enjoyed tonight's.

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