Friday, 19 June 2009

Big Brother 10: Eviction- Boobs for Beer

Freddie must stay! Freddie in the diary room is lush. How can he stay so happy in the face of such adversity? He's ace.
Cider-nipple gate grinds on. The fauxmance drags on. Sophie's hair extensions are on the turn. Karly's attitude towards both men and women seems somewhat unhealthy. Do people like Karly? I don't. She's hard-faced. If the best Sophie can say about Kris is she 'likes his personality' gawd help us. I don't think she's that keen, I really don't.
Liked Freddie bragging about the size of his house, hehe. 'Technically' Marcus still lives with his mum.
Angel is right; Noirin is an empty vessel. Rodrigo: why cant we just be happy in this country without drugs? He says drugs are 'just as good' as going to Blackpool. Freddie is brave to advocate the use of drugs as fun when he wants to be a politician.
Noirin wants to be a housewife! Er... why? I reckon Sree is turning into the Incredible Hulk. He's all dishevelled and swearing worse than Gordon Ramsay.
Liked Angel winding Sree up with her weird noises. She seems back on form after the hunger strike. Sree has a lot of headache, but Angel is unshuttable.
Siavash's hairy arse; TMI! Ciaron is flirting with the bi side. That bum thing was too much. Have they heard of decorum?
Marcus is a perv. What DOES Noirin think of him? God, stuck between Marcus and Sree; what a pair.
I don't like having to wait until 10.30 for the eviction result! They are just trying to up the ratings. Try not tinkering the show to death. Oh, Davina's mic's not working. It's kind of good.
Cairon's gone. To be fair, I wouldn't have minded him sticking around for a bit. But we had a choice to make, and there it was. Ta-ra. Freddie acted very cool about it; he didn't rub it in anyone's face.
Cairon came across as a right little prick in his interview. He might as well have just gone 'am I bothered?' twenty times in a row. I knew he'd have a sense of humour failure about the bromance. Do you know what I'm saying?
I like Iain Lee and Vanessa Feltz but not in this show. I miss them having the live feed in the background when they interview the evictee. I liked seeing their faces then. I miss that part of the live feed most; the bits in between when they are all in shock. I miss them showing the housemate the nominations too, that's a really stupid bit to cut out.
The makers of this show have run it into the ground. Yet still everyone I really care about clings to it's wreckage. It's like Britpop or Eastenders.

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