Saturday, 27 June 2009

Big Brother 10: He's eating my brain

Shame I was in no state to do a blog yesterday; the eviction night was good TV. Rodrigo finally showed his teeth last night and I saw a glint in his eye that has been absent for the past few weeks. If he keeps getting involved in fights (on the side of good) and Freddie keeps endlessly banging on about how he's safe each week (and pissing off the viewers), we could finally have a race on our hands.
Sad to see Angel go. Did she say she was 'back from the future' in her eviction interview. Cuckoo! Big mistake having her leave; big, big mistake. And I won't forget it!
Siavash went up in my estimation trying to explain to dur-brain Marcus about third world debt. Marcus showed himself to be a moron. If Siavash picks the right side (ie. the individuals) he could go a long way. At the moment he's spreading himself too thinly, and the housemates will eventually turn unless they feel he's loyal.
Kris; 'Freddie wants to get to know me but there's nothing to know.' How true, and what a thing to be proud of. So handsome he never bothered to develop a personality, except one that makes cunty comments all the time. Shame. I think he'll get a shock when he leaves. Does he not get it; the public are voting for Freddie to survive! Do they not see that Freddie being that underdog gives him a position of great power with the viewers? I mean, what reason do we have for voting Kris to win in 2 months time? Cos he had nice hair?
Marcus's slavering over Noirin is actually starting to make me feel physically sick. Cock blocking beats!
Sree and Marcus trying to show off about doing press-ups was fucking dull.
Garlic gate; zzz. Sree is a cunt. His reaction about that garlic thing was pathetic. Freddie needs back up, big time. He aint getting it from those bleating twats. Lisa complained about the food but Freddie still got it in the neck for actually eating it.
I thought Marcus and Freddie's conversation was a bit close to the nomination bone. But I don't think they'd dare stop Freddie and Marcus from voting.
Literally the only interesting thing about Sophie is she gets drunk really quick. I dont think I've ever got that drunk in my life, not even when I was 14.
Charlie isn't as stupid as he acts, ingratiating himself with Freddie, when Kris is too thick to bother. Can the thickies be defeated? Put in a couple of new housemates, and let's see.

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johnifer said...

I totaly agree about sree, how have they not voted him out yet?!