Friday, 12 June 2009

Big Brother 10: Keep Trotting On

Suffia (Saffia? I've been spelling it wrong haven't I) left the house: a) because she missed her babies, b) Kris getting off with Sophie or c) Sophia calling her out? Here's a clue; it wasn't a).
Let's play cliche bingo! Can I just say something? Check! I'm the sort of person... check! At the end of the day... check! End of... check! 120%... check! Like I said.. check!We're just waiting for I'm not being funny, but... and then I'm done.
Freddie is learning self-mastery. Whatever that is. Help ever, hurt never, yeah good luck with that Sree. I like looking at Siavash, he's dramatic. He's an idiot, but at least he's a bit different.
Ciaron: 'Say it to to my motherfucking face' is aggressive. Don't like his style. He WAS saying it to your face, idiot box.
'I thought 'something was going to go amiss in my insides' is a great line, thanks Marcus.
What is with that McCoys advert? Man crisps! Yorkie gave up that schtick time ago. Yawn.
Sree is really scared of Cairon! As if. Nicely played. There were some good verbal linguistics in that diary room chair. The unremarkable golden person representing his university... what?!
Ciaron, do you know what I'm saying, innit?
Hurrah, Freddie survived. Stop calling him Halfwit, now, that joke isn't funny anymore...
Wtf was Siavash wearing? He looked like a demonic gnome.
Sophia got mega boos. I'd just go boo right back at 'em. I don't think she got one cheer. Wonder what her percentages were?
What the HELL has happened to the eviction interview? Dom Joly? Judi James? Noooo. Weird. Wrong, wrong, wrong. What's the point in analysing the housemate that's leaving? Misjudged as usual. Dom Joly must just be at a loose end.
It was rubbish that they cut the bit out of the interview where they show the person the nominations and stuff. All the juicy stuff was gone. This is a major fuck up, it was better off on the bus.
Sophia fears God! When animals attack... lol. Yap, yap, yap. Put the dog down. And Davina. And Big Brother. No! Not Big Brother. Just give it CPR.

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