Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Big Brother 10: Live Nominations

Live noms! Would be better if Charlie had to suffer too.
Typical spineless Kris wanting to quit the task. Lazy bastard. Will this task ever end? I don't want to see them singing! Marcus's recorder playing was unmentionable. I don't know what hey nonny nonny is either, but I do know Rodrigo is a wet fish. Shame, as he could have been great.
Why do they keep saying 'that's what I'm talking about!' Get your own catchphrases.
Sophie caning the drink dregs with one eye open was funny; that was proper wino behaviour. She was smashed!
I hate it when Kris does that Freddie impression, he's such a fucking numpty.
Siavash; 'It's a fucking plastic sword.' I like Siavash a bit more today; and I do find him attractive on occasion, but I could still go either way on him. Bugger; wish he'd saved Freddie from nominations, not Marcus. I've gone off Marcus; he's not made a stupid cat food/hearing aid comment in ages. I'm fickle!
I watched some of the live feed from last night today and Noirin and Sree argued for roughly about three hours, and it was the most boring thing on earth. Sree won't leave; he's all hot air. Noirin was getting off on shooting him down.
Why was Angel gobbing all over her face?! What is wrong with her? Freddie looked quite good in that hat. At least they're having fun.
I don't think Angel fancies Noirin, I think she's said it to deflect attention from Freddie. I hope anyway.
The quick fire nominations made me nervous! But they should show them to the housemates not to us. No, AND us. Actually, this nomination style works well, don't fack abaht as Danny Dyer would say. I liked the table of scores, too.
Sophie, nicking someone's make-up brush is hardly 'sneaky and backstabbing'. It's fairly normal flat-sharing stuff. She nominated the brains! Boo.
Karly looks orange, what happened? Kris, you're not a valid member of the group, you fucking dibby. No one in there is fat, so why are they worried about what Angel says? She clearly has a problem with food.
Motherfuckers, they are all nominating Angel and Freddie! Argh! Are they stupid? They can't survive against Freddie.
ARGH bloody Noirin nominated Angel and Freddie too. Odd seduction technique Angel has, telling the girl she allegedly fancies that they have a fat arse.
I'm fucked off with that result! Why do we get stuck with all the dullards? It's annoying! They can't be trusted to vote. Freddie looked a bit upset. Up against his buddy.
Boo! A plague on all your houses. Cunts!


johnifer said...

I don't get why they did that... I styed up late to watch it and was really disappointed cos I thought they'd be showing the noms to the contestants at the same time and showing their reactions.... it was daft doing it the way they did it, and a waste of my time!!!

johnifer said...

Rodrigo to win!