Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Live: Patrick Wolf at the Electric Ballroom

Sorry I've been absent; my birthday celebrations went on slightly longer than expected!
And topped off in no finer way than going to see the glorious Patrick Wolf again last night, this time at the Electric Ballroom on the last night of his UK tour. I think I also saw him on the first night of it; at Heaven, so I did well, really. His costumes weren't QUITE as elaborate this time (what no cape?), but you have to give him credit, the boy sure does know how to put on a show. I liked him in that vest, but not sure about his bouffant. Still, frankly, he can do what he damn well likes.
I'm still bloody waiting for my super-delux copy of the album from Bandstocks and I haven't downloaded the album yet (I'm a good girl!) but just as last time, the new album sounds amazing; epic, theatrical, dramatic, loud, exciting! I want to revel in it.
The support band Yacht were a bit of a worry, crap but fun. I liked it when they put their address up on a big screen and said 'come visit us'!
The Electric Ballroom is a decent venue, it has good views and air-conditioning, which was much appreciated yesterday. We got a pretty good spot, too.
Patrick was charming as ever; especially when he realised his flies were undone (twice). The setlist was different from the last time I saw him (no Bloodbeat but Accident and Emergency instead) and a different order, too. I liked his dealing with some dullard in the crowd bellowing 'play Wolf Song', (why?!) he replied 'we've prepared a show for you, and that's what we're going to do.' But really nicely. He wasn't playing too many acoustic numbers, which I think is better live.
The song Battle is really like a scream; it's almost cheesy, but falls just on the right side of good taste, as you can tell he really means it. Vulture sounded ace even without green lasers, and Hard Times has the catchiest violin part I think I've ever heard. Tristan is continually delightful, as was The Libertine. He did rocky versions of The Magic Position and Accident and Emergency, and whilst I missed the footstomping a little, I love him so much for just mixing things up, but in a good way. Thank fuck he told Universal to fuck off when they suggested Mark Ronson produce his next album.
My friend took some really great pictures, but she's not sent them yet, when she does, I will post a few.
Now I just need to hang out by my letterbox for the album... I genuinely can't wait. I am certain it will be my album of the year.

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Anonymous said...

hey lynsey...

glad you enjoyed the gig, i must give the wolf a listen.

i was at the electric ballroom on friday for the horrors, and my impressions of the venue weren't great, but i'm wondering whether it was a band-issue, cos they were just too LOUD. The singer is interesting but simply couldn't be heard. Still a good gig though, planning on doing a review and combining it with album review.

Anne is seeing them at Troxy, they're supporting Jarvis!! I have forewarned her...they were loud enough to make the floor vibrate.

Still, the album is definitely worth a listen.