Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Jade: As Seen on TV

The last time I wrote about Jade, she was alive. After that I watched her wedding, which was riveting TV; tense, sad, calculating, moving. It was her final job, really. Oddly, she was about the only one holding things together that day.
Then there was the overblown funeral (not forgetting Jack's poem) but after that, it seemed to go pretty quiet. Maybe it's because Jack was in prison (hanging with Boy George) and Jeff (wisely) flew away. But there seemed to be few pickings for the vultures. So here we are (just in time for the new series of BB, and there's an advert for BB, how convenient!).
Why was Jade the most successful Big Brother contestant? I dunno. Because she was stupid, bawdy, silly, funny? Because she was a contradiction?
Hmm, don't know if Patsy Palmer is great doing the voiceover, she doesn't exactly have the most pleasant voice. But maybe that's the point.
What's Rod Liddle pontificating about Jade for? At least she was honest, even if she was common as muck. It was weird seeing all those old clips of her; just how big she got before the whole race hate.
Interesting to see how they dressed up all that. It still made my stomach curl up in a ball; even now. I will never forget how Big Brother tried to protect her; she didn't deserve it. Her whole exit interview was primed, scripted, pre-prepared. And that's not what Big Brother was about. Miranda Sawyer does herself a disservice by saying 'when you are angry you'll say anything' because I (and many others, I suspect) wouldn't say something racist under ANY circumstances.
Yet weird see Gordon Brown condemning her then; he couldn't even get her name right when she died, but instead said he was sorry about 'Jane Goody'. Doh.
I learnt bugger all from this, it was just the last bit of gold from the (dead) goose.
I wonder what that PJ wanker is up to now? They didn't have him talking about her I noticed. Funny old world.
Will there ever be another Jade? No. Big Brother is nearly on it's last legs too; it's the end of an era. And all we can do is watch (or not).

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