Sunday, 7 June 2009

Big Brother 10: It should have been Sophia

God how tedious was that Special Forces task yesterday? It told us nothing about the housemates. Please let Marcus stay in tonight! His cat biscuit liking was brilliant; 'not the tuna ones though' as is that absolved him.
Half-wit/ Dog-face; whatever. It's really juvenile. I actually find them calling her 'dog face' a bit offensive. Did you notice some of them didn't appear to know what a half-wit was? That's just terrifying.
The biscuit task made me laugh a little bit, espeically Angel saying she'd never done it before. How?!
What is with Sophia? Admittedly Suffia is a dick, but how did it start in the first place? Was it an argument about having virtually the same name? (Haha, she admitted this later)
Freddie is such an idiot, but there is something endearing about his dopey smile. Discussion of bi boyfriends- pros; at least threesomes wouldn't involve women! (that was my own, not theirs)
Ahhh it's a vote to SAVE the non-housemates on BB. Interesting. I hope Sophia goes (the little black girl who keeps bitching and because of the poor editing I can't work out why!) Sree; good time to start crying as the public vote begins!
Angel gets on my nerves. I saw her on live feed going on and on at Rodriges about girls; he's not straight, you idiot. Plus she keeps exercising. Stop! It doesn't make good TV.
Lisa; I think Jesus has better things to do than guide you towards becoming a millionaire; like not existing.
Urgh to people with plastic breasts letting people touch them! Well done, you're just a spectacle now, just a person full of plastic. That's the opposite of sexy.
Urgh to Sophia becoming a housemate! Did you hear that noise she made? Fuck you, British public! You're the same drones who voted Ulrika to win, no doubt. Boo!
Glad Bienazir went over Siavash as I haven't heard her say a single word yet. She took it well, though. Why did Davina interview her in a bus? Quite tragic that she was so interested in having a cup of tea over anything else. Plus talking about washing her hair... zzz. See ya.
Well, that's it. The first week is over. Now bring on the rucks!

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