Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Big Brother 10: Retardness in the Brain

I liked Angel capturing the buttermoth. It was sweet. But wtf was she wearing in the diary room? She looked like a pimp.
Hmm, noms again and I think I know who's up and I hate it when I know. But I did hear it was Marcus and Freddie initially which would have been a disaster. Now I think it's Cairon and Freddie. Surprised Cairon's pissed that many people off. But he is a bit of a div. I'd rather see a lot of others go over him, but we can only pick from who they put up, unfortunately. Have his PJs got lips on? They're quite cute. Oh God, 'disrespect'. What a dickhead. Bye bye!
Angel nominated the inner circle of Siavash and Cairon. Good. It's a start anyway. I liked the way she was referring to people as 'opponents'. That's the spirit!
Urgh to Charlie going your fanny will close up if you don't have sex for seven months. I wish his mouth would close up. Cairon's chat up of Sophie was useless.
Charlie don't pretend you don't want to nominate, you duplicitous dipshit. You've had nothing but time to think in that place. Put yourself up then! Pathetic. If anyone is actually falling for that shit, they should seek help. He was quick to put Freddie up in the end. Charlie nominated my two favourite people in the house.
Sophie came across thick as shit in the DR. She nominated my two favourite people too. Her reasons for nominating Marcus sounded fair enough, though. He can be a little... blunt.
Sree's (uncooked) bacon and crisp sandwiches were pretty odd. Urgh, Lisa bit into it without looking at it! Sree has never eaten bacon in his life?! So why is he making bacon sarnies?
Weird that Sophie and Karly nominated Freddie for the same reason. I don't like Karly at all now, I think she's a pretty horrible person unless I see a major change in her. She's just vapid.
Shit, how is it going to be Cairon up, he's not got enough votes?! I'm starting to panic now. How did Sree fly under the radar so this week? I thought he was a dead cert! And now his nominations are the decider! Looks like Cairon shouldn't have had that row with him in the kitchen. I'm glad Sree is staying in. He has a good turn of phrase and he creates drama.
How did Siavash know about Sree's declaration of love? Didn't like Sophie saying Noirin was out of Sree's league; who decided on the leagues anyway? Did that boob job bump you up a league? It's just high school snobbery.
Why is Freddie so hated in that house? Is he doing something that isn't being shown? Sree said 'too much education causes retardness in the brain' and he should know. I think the problem with Sree and Freddie is they are too similar, that's why they hate each other. Listen to them when they talk about the other; they might as well be doing a monologue about their own personality defects. Either way, we should keep Freddie in to piss everyone off. But at the same time, I feel sorry for him in that place!
Freddie's caravan horse thing sounds alright. He's a sweetie. Charlie; bullying someone into being happy doesn't quite work. You have the all the subtlety of Sree on a first date.
I'm glad Noirin is under pressure, because she's annoying. She needs to tell Sree she needs some space, not give him the cold shoulder. Siavash was just being mean- well he's going to be sorry when he loses his chum this week.
Aw, Sree even tried to get Big Brother onside. Big Brother can't take your side on that one. Noirin has broken your confidentiality! How did Siavash find out about what you said?
ARGH STOP SAYING 'NIGHT'. Fuck off Cairon! I feel Freddie's pain.
Bad atmosphere tonight. Big Brother is being cruel to them, but they are all being wankers to each other. Something's got to give.


johnifer said...

Eurgh. If Charlie's feigned reluctance wasn't obvious enough it was totally confounded by his lightening fast nomination for Freddie when he was faced with being put up for eviction himself. I think Freddie might actually go this week you know... I do like him but he's a bit of a tit and I can see why he might annoy more people than Cairon D:

Thrill Fiction said...

I just noticed your links.


Cairon up for nomination? See what happens when there's no live feed. It's as if non union scriptwriters were making this stuff up.

I wanted Sree out - until that diary room end scene. Poor Noirin's being portrayed as the bad guy.

Anyone who looks that good can never be the bad guy.

Unless she says 'no'.

I bet you when the hms nominate Sree C4 will fix it he stays. The ghost of Shilpa haunts them.

lightupvirginmary said...

haha the ghost of shilpa is stronger than the ghost of goody!