Sunday, 14 June 2009

Big Brother 10: Step up to the Marcus

Sree wants a wife with a golden heart. He needs one with a hearing problem. Stop going on about your mum and dad, you dolt! You're twenty fucking five.
All of 'em are getting on my nerves right now; mainly the shallowness.
Liked Big Brother calling time on romance! That was cruel. Kris wanting more 'banter'. Sophie: 'what does banter mean?' Lord. Banter means you actually have something to say and some semblance of a sense of humour. Argh, stop saying 'banter'. And stop going on about what your mates with say, you pathetic prat. Aw his screensaver in his phone is 'him and the lads'. Get a life, you donkey.
That bull in a china shop task seemed like a bit of a health and safety issssssue. Quite funny, though.
I'm not surprised Noireen got pissed off about the marker pen thing; that joke is stale! Thought Sree dealt with her quite nicely. The stupid glasses and moustache give her an identity though; she doesn't appear to have one otherwise.
Kris looking daggers at Freddie because he actually thinks about things, rather than just looks pretty was sad.
I watched some of the argument on the live feed and they edited it to bits (I know they have to cut some out). Lisa's attitude is disgusting. The way she was tearing into everyone was unforgivable. What did she have a bee in her bonnet about the hunger strike for? It was hardly the last stand at Guantanemo Bay. Lisa responding 'ner ner ner' to Marcus just sums her up. 41 years old and still such a fucking loser. Tragic. Freddie was so bullied in that situation, it was horrible. And who told Freddie to shut the fuck up? Was it Kris? Grr! Injustice, so unfair.
I can't believe they genuinely think Charlie is going to win. He's useless! He thinks he's going to win too. Why? He's a shallow piece of shit. Noirin can fuck off as well insulting Freddie, he's worth about a zillion of her.
Feel the rage! This is what BB is about.
Marcus to win; he's got them pegged and he stands up for himself. OK, he's confused about his own sex appeal, but he'll soon wake up to that once he leaves the house.

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