Sunday, 7 June 2009

Album Review: Patrick Wolf: The Bachelor

Woo, I finally have it! My signed copy of The Bachelor. And I'm thanked in very small writing in the credits, as I bought a Bandstock. Glory is mine.
The Bachelor starts (after a small intro) with Hard Times, which is the catchiest song ever, that hook is right up there with the Magic Position (and done on a violin, who'd have thought violins could be so good?) Patrick's voice sounds so bloody strong, I could just eat it. I believe in the revolution listening to this. This song makes me want to dance round the room, and it's the next single, too. Here's the vid.
That scary woman from The Beach, Tilda Swinton, does some guest talking (it's not really rapping, is it?) on the album, which is nicely sinister and not too overdone. Oblivion is really good, loads of energy, fast-paced and nice use of strings. I'm a sucker for strings sometimes.
The Bachelor has some guest vocals I'm not overly keen on (a bit like on Magpie on the last album), but I enjoyed it live. Could be a grower.
Damaris is another one I heard live; it's very dramatic and atmospheric. I like.
Thickets is one of his ones about frolicking in a field and liking the countryside. You have to have one of these on each PW album. Are those pan pipes?
Count of Casualty brings on the drum machine, another PW favourite. I love his techno leanings and it's mixed nicely in this song with some yelps and lyrics ordering you to stop going on Facebook.
I think Who Will might be my favourite off the album, a church organ, a church choir, it comes on like some emo romantic soundtrack. I could see it being played at my funeral.
Vulture, I obviously know, I didn't like it that much at first, but it's has grown on me loads. 80s disco stylings and stuttering lyrics, you can't really go wrong.
Blackdown is a bit dreary. The Sun is often out is dedicated to a dead friend, and it suitably sad. Thesus is a nice contrast, as it is is really upbeat and singalong.
Battle is a bit of an anomoly on the album, as it's a punky rock song. It's a bit silly, but good fun and I enjoyed it live. The Messenger is a nice punchy, positive end to the album. I only wish that he had released it as a double with the album due out next year; I love double albums!
Was really pleased with this record, as I knew I would be. Beautiful artwork, great songs, and original as ever. Patrick Wolf is a hidden gem, a genius, and just a joy. He really is.

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