Monday, 17 August 2009

Big Brother 10: I'm sorry, but it is funny

So are we going to have a positive or negative day? Ah, negative.
Bea: 'I've never had anything spat into my face before.' Well get used to it if you're going to go down Chinawhites when you get out; let Danielle Lloyd be a lesson to us all (in more ways than one). Charlie looked defeated in the fact of (non)spit-gate. Another scalp to claim en route to the biggest booing of all time.
Siavash declared Lenny Kravitz the coolest human being ever! Perhaps he meant 'mightiest douche'.
Warming to Lisa more than ever this week as she sees through Bea's Tiny Tears act. If she slaps the bitch, she could become my winner!
I like it when they get messages from home. It makes me realise they are human. Lisa got a message from some horror-movie style twins! Aw, they were kind of cute. LOL Siavash said it was like The Shining!
I actually felt something for Charlie too! I thought his mum had been in a coma for years, but it's six months. Maybe she will come out of it, then. You never know. (But let's not get our issues confused, he's not our winner). He looked like his dad! Rodrigo's face when he came back out; you can tell he really loves him, underneath all that hurt.
LOL to Bea's message 'maybe your mum was busy.' More likely she's disowned you, you psychotic munt. Bea's friend must be touched that she so appreciated her message. Every time Bea cries, it makes my heart soar. Genuinely. Seriously, if you gave her the moon on a stick, she'd want the moon on a stick, but carried by the rarest butterflies on the planet. You've not seen your mum for four or five weeks! Get a grip, you idiot. OMG why is BB even telling her that her mum didn't want to appear on TV? They shouldn't tell her ANYTHING! Keep that bitch suffering! Bad Big Brother! That's telling them stuff from home! God, if I'd given birth to that, I'd be ashamed to show my face too. She's fucking nutso.
Aw David's family have had T-shirts made with his picture on. I hope it says 'Fat Cunt' on the back. Jesus, stop blubbing, man!
ARGH my freeview cut out for about ten minutes on the middle. Boo! I wanna see Marcus's message. Right, I'm going to watch this again on the plus one. Haha, Bea's friend's message was even funnier the second time round in the aftermath of the crocodile river!
What's up with Siavash? I thought he was freaking because it wasn't his dad.
Urgh, the REAL Mighty Douche is back to give a message to Sophie! Woo, 'she's nailing the tasks'! Who said romance is dead? Fuck off Kris, you dickhead. 'Love you lots...' but not as much as he loves himself (or All Saints).
Haha omg Bea still going on about that video, she listed that person about 4839338420 down her list of people who she wanted to hear from. What a CUNT! Haha, Rodrigo and Charlie laughing about it was good.
OMG they really dug her out about it; that was marvellous. You can tell she's literally never been crossed in her life. Did she just admit she had no friends? Heheheeheheeeee! Her mum is gonna get it in the NECK!
Go on, Roddy, stick to your guns! Stop saying sorry to her! Stop feeding her cunt-fire! OMG Rodrigo and Marcus laughing at Bea's misfortune; I love it!
Kris... such a nice personality... I don't think so, Sonny Jim.
I missed the last bit after the break because my box died again. Oh well. I got the idea.
The only fate worse than being locked in that house with Bea, is being Bea herself. That would be some REAL torture. That poor, poor girl.

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