Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Big Brother 10: Bagpipes from BB

The witch is dead! Not really, she's just spouted two heads.
Negative/ positive, blah blah blah. Freddie called Bea ugly (underhandedly). Heheee.My bran just switches off when Bea starts talking now.
It's just like white noise, utter claptrap.Take your auras, and your healing crystals and shove up your haggard, miserable arse. You're not good at 'etiquette' but you've got a gold star in shit stirring. Oh Bea didn't get what she wanted in the game again. Can you imagine being friends with the 6-year-old Bea? Terrifying. She makes (Corrie analogies, bear with me!) David Platt look like Simon Barlow.
Marcus vanity! Wiggly curl. I don't fancy him any more as a result of that wiggly curl! God, he's giving Bea a run for her money in the idiocy stakes. You do have a stupid neck and forehead; and that's the least of your problems. I think Marcus has body dysmorphia and sees himself as Johnny Depp, but cuter.
Christ I phased out for about fifteen minutes in the middle it was so boring. Get used to that feeling when Marcus goes.
Yeah I'm sure Bea would have thrown herself wholeheartedly into the task where she had to wade headfirst in bullshit; she's used to it anyway. At least Siavash and Marcus didn't complain. Imagine Rodrigo doing it!
Haha Freddie called Charlie out for nominating him and being a duplicitous little wank stain. However, evict Freddie for saying 'Marcus is going to go home'. EVICT HIM before his head is too big to get out the fucking door. Even the idiots have twigged that one.
Freddie's Scottish accent is worse than Eminem's one in Bagpipes from Baghdad. He didn't twig Bea nommed him, did he.
Lisa: 'life's a bitch and then you die.' David: 'life's a bitch and then you marry one.' Where would we be without these profound words of wisdom? I bow down to their originality and creativity! I gaze in awe at their intellect and beauty!
Horse-racing; Lisa came second. Enjoy that feeling because it's more than you'll get in this game.
Bit boring tonight, and it can only get worse as they try and coast towards the final. Might be time to bring in Siavash's girlfriend?
Oh and vote Freddie OUT! Don't get me wrong, if he survives this week, I'll back him again, but with Marcus you get the matrix, the big brother brain, and magic tree vanillarama! You know it makes sense.


johnifer said...

I cannot wait to read your blog about tonight's episode!!

lightupvirginmary said...

My computer overheated at a vital time... I'll do a recap tonight!

Samm said...

I'm just finished watching it, I'm getting sad. Freddy was the strangest and most unique character I'd ever seen so far...