Thursday, 4 January 2018

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: It's CBB, not Panorama

I don't think Ann slept on her own because she's a snorer. I think she slept on her own because everyone hates her, including me. Unpleasant person. I don't think there's much excuse for misgendering someone when you're in a house with ONLY women. Ann is doing it deliberately to be mean, in my opinion.
India is talking about her transition. It only took place two years ago! I like how confident she is. A far cry from the horrible Kellie Maloney.
Rachel asking Ann what she thinks about gender reassignment surgery on the NHS is a bit naughty as she knows she's gonna dig a big hole for herself. Ann's priority is children going blind. I don't think Ann really cares about mental health. Ann has the face she deserves. Bitter woman.
I like how Amanda knows herself so well, and I guess by 82, you would. I like the fact she just doesn't give a fuck.
Jess didn't understand what way to vote for Brexit so didn't vote. I think it's probably better not to vote than to vote for something dumb, which she obviously would have, because she's dumb as a rock. Ann digging her out for not voting, but what's the point in voting if you don't know what you're voting for? I'd rather thick people didn't bother, and then I wouldn't have to hear the non-word 'Brexit' seventy billion times a day. Yeah, thanks for that, old people.
Another patronising task. Having to go against stereotypes against women. Patronising claptrap. Ann's attitude to tasks is like my attitude to life. Why is she even there? How much did they pay her?
The axe throwing actually looks fun but dangerous. India's throwing was horrendous. I'm glad Malika is winning. I like her and I think she's vulnerable if it's a vote to save.
Jess wants to 'come out of her comfort shell.' Fake Jade Goody of the week! Maybe she will learn something in the house. Anything. Please.
Ooh, Ann to Rachel 'what is the point of working and getting someone else to look after your children?' Gauntlet thrown! It's easy for Ann to say 'if you have children they come first' when you have NO FUCKING CHILDREN. It's none of your business! I wish everyone would just let other people live their lives the way they want to. If it's not affecting you, butt the fuck out. Ooh, butt fuck.
India has never been with a man. Interesting. But she's not attracted to women. I'm guessing it can be hard to date when you're transgender. You have to be with an open minded guy.
India's son is not speaking to her at the moment. It must be hard for family when people transition. You have to get used to a new reality, I guess, but it's really sad.
Drone shots! I do like the editing on the new show, and the social media is better too. Hello, Alfie Green. Could do with some more GIFs though. I guess we'll have to make our own!
I like Ashley's earrings while changing the tyre because I'm just a simple woman, focused on trinkets. This is the most patronising thing I have ever witnessed in my life and I've seen Fearne Cotton present Top of the Pops.
I'm scared to look at Twitter because of the abuse India is no doubt getting for having an 'unfair advantage'.  This task is a transphobe's dream. I swear this theme is stirring up more hate than any normal series towards women.
Rachel bitching about Ann in the DR. Thinks the decor is 'fine'. I've been in there, and it's lovely. I love all the copper. John Lewis plates. Whatever.
The look of joy after Ann 'accidentally' called India 'she' says it all. Rotten to the core. India is very tolerant.
Amanda has so much knowledge because she's so old. But she doesn't seem doddery at all and she looks great! Pensioner goals.
Ann is against female priests. I can't wait to vote to evict her. Amanda 'religion causes more wars than anything else.' So true. That was a bit of a sour dinner. I enjoy the political chat!
India has a lot of cleavage on show at the dinner table. I bet Ann is fuming!
Ashley is so annoying and I don't even know why. I would react like Ann to someone telling a story about shitting themselves. What is she, Scotty T? Oh, was it about her period? I switch off when she talks. Same thing. Bodily fluid talk. Equality!
Maggie likes younger men but ageism is alive and kicking in the UK. True. Jess: 'Madonna's done it.' Madonna has a lot of backing dancers to choose from.
It's actually tragic that Ann has never been in love. I pity her but I'm not at all surprised.
Malika is right that Ann is cold and that she's not interested in anything she doesn't agree with. India says Ann has a heart of gold. She really doesn't. She's hateful. India is so nice with Ann and Ann is just curmudgeonly towards her.
Malika is looking forward to seeing how the women change when the men come in. Interesting. I think the women will be super territorial when the men arrive. The bed situation is going to be carnage. In fact, the whole thing might be carnage.
I know everyone's worried about ratings, and I think they should be. Every night on Twitter I search 'CBB' and 'people I follow' and it normally takes me about 10 minutes to scroll through the tweets. Tonight it took me about two. No one is tweeting. It's not trending. It's a shame because it's been good.
If they put Dapper Laughs in tomorrow, we could have another fight night on our hands, and THEN we'll get the headlines, and THEN it will be trending.
But THEN don't pretend this is about feminism. It will be about exploitation and shock value. And if one of the women smacks him one, I don't fucking blame them.

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RenThraysk said...

Don't think there is going to be anything like a fight night. Suspect the men are going to be the only ones allowed to cook and clean.

Might have another Donny Tourette escape.