Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Big Brother 8: Paranoid City

Carole's emotional blackmail was horrible to watch tonight. Liam was fair to confront her and she reacted childishly.
The lie detector task was a farce. Why did Gerry go in the diary room and say he had a gameplan? Why did he say he'd betray someone to win 100K? It was very mysterious. I still love him for it though, and hate Tracey and Carole for their cruelty towards him. Brian was bullying him too, what a prick. Notice when Liam gets accused of fancying Amanda it's immediately 'a set up'. The injustice makes me furious! Jonty is onto them. You could tell by his face.
Ziggy's angry little face when Tracey called Chiggy a sham was good fun to see. Did your feelings get hurt, Ziggy? But Tracey's just keeping it REAL! Like Charley did! Deal with it! You can't handle the truth! And so on. Her shouting 'LIAR!' at Gerry was disgusting. She's ugly inside and out. An aggressive prick. I'm glad Ziggy rounded on her, too. The twins thousand yard stare was back too, which I enjoyed. 'What a shame she's immune this week' was a great one liner from Gerry. I was annoyed Tracey was made a guru,too. Would have liked to have seen the back of her. Brian handled it well though.

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Red said...

I tried watching this last night, but that grizzly old woman's voice was doing my nut, so we watched Apocalypto instead.