Sunday, 19 August 2007

Big Brother 8: 'The Right Person Stayed'

Literally gobsmacked at how brainwashed the house is now. I can't believe they said it was an easy decision to let Gerry go, and even implied they would have been stuck if it had been Brian Vs Carole! Oh my God, can you imagine if they kicked out Brian for Carole. Fuck a duck! Listening to them all say Carole deserved to win was abuse of the ear. The only reason Tracey disagreed is because she wants to win. Fat chance, love. I'm glad Gerry stuck the knife in the sour-faced crone as he left. I hope they remember that come nominations.
Amanda: if you don't know if you like someone, it means you don't. End of story. You either do or you don't. The break up was quite sad: I was pleased she had the balls to say it, and Brian was brave to ask straight out, 'Do you fancy me?' It was all very sad and innocent. Is Brian a virgin? My money's on yes.
What was that weird conversation with Liam and the twins at the dining table about? Amanda had a face like thunder (which I enjoyed). Was Liam having a go at her because she ditched Brian? Was he testing the water? He's got a cheek calling her naive just because he likes his date to get a few pints down her neck then open her legs. But then Amy virtually put it on a plate for him and he chickened out! It's all front, I tell you. I don't like him one bit.
The whole bread argument was tedious, but then it involved Carole, so it figures.
Two more weeks.

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