Monday, 27 August 2007

Big Brother 8: Kick in the Nuts Day

Quite a good BB tonight. The quiz set the cat amongst the pigeons but unfortunately some people seemed to take a hit and others didn't. Was it really necessary to show Jonty a clip of some people saying they couldn't stand him? He's not exactly got Liam-sized self esteem, has he? However, I particularly enjoyed Amy giving it to Carole. She spoke for an entire nation. You could see Carole was dead riled too. Result. Brian basically got a compliment by Dermot impersonating him.
I had mixed feelings about Chanelle's return. I'm a romantic and I liked Chanelle so I was quite excited, especially when Carole vacated the vestibule. It was a bit unnerving when Chanelle said 'Drop the conversation'- what else did she come in there for, just to show off her Pob? But I thought the killer line of the night was 'my agent wants to sign you'. Ahhh. How romantic. So THAT'S why when she came out the house she was like 'Ziggy is a twat' and then two weeks later said she missed him. It's all about the ching-ching! Dear oh dear, why should I be surprised? Still, a little bit of me wanted it to be real and felt quite sad for Ziggy, all damp-haired and looking like a bedraggled puppy and smelling of smoky-bacon crisps. LET THE LOVE STORY BE REAL!
The last part of the show was weird: Liam, Brian and Ziggy saying how much they loved each other, then ten minutes later fighting over semantics. Liam saying Brian phrased something wrong is a bit cruel: Brian can't exactly argue articulately, can he? It's like arguing with someone who's got their jaw wired. Liam's true side is revealed more and more, and under his cheeky-chappy laydeez man persona lurks a boorish side. The trouble is, the public don't see it. They just think, 'isn't he cute?' which he aint. Why was Amanda crying? Why did she look at Sam so angrily? As usual, the answer probably lies on the cutting room floor.
Ziggy definitely missed a trick at the end when they gave him the photo album, he should have turned to the picture of him and Chanelle and shed a little tear ala Mikey and Grace. God, that was the most romantic thing I've ever seen on Big Brother. Well, either that or Craig trying to rape Antony in that wetsuit.

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