Friday, 31 August 2007

Big Brother 8: First Show- Jonty, Carole, Ziggy

Davina dressed in red shocker! Oh.
Last day highlights: the speeches were quite moving and I cried when they all cried. There's something heartbreaking about seeing grown men cry. Seeing the ex housemates was hilarious- I loved Charley bigging it up and Chanelle's face like thunder. Also, how did Laura dye her hair from black to white blonde? An impossibility as anyone who's ever tried it and gone ginger can testify! Seany also looked like he'd gone grey. No sign of Emily 'N-Word' or Jonathan 'coke n call girls'. Shame.
Jonty in 6th, Carole 5th. Both interviewed for about 5 seconds. Unfortunately Carole didn't get booed. Davina even missed the opportunity to tell her her snail was dead! It was on a plate. Why Carole came out with that vile bun in her hair was anyone's guess. The twins should have sorted her out and pinked her up.
I was praying it would be Liam out in 4th but no, it was Ziggy. He looked like he was going to the gallows. I liked his 'who me?' shrug as he came out. After calling for his castration earlier in the series, I felt strangely protective of him when he came out. Chanelle just wants to use him for the magazine deals!
So Liam is in third! Shocking! I kind of want Brian to win now just because the twins won't give good interview. But Brian is a bit contrived. Ooh, I'm torn. For some reason the Nirvana lyric 'I think I'm dumb/ I'm maybe just happy' keep popping into my head, and I chucked out that CD long ago.
It must be nice to be dumb and happy. To just bumble along knowing nothing about the news, or the universe, or human suffering. I wish I was brain damaged on occasion.

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