Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Big Brother 8: Ziggynoia

They always go a bit senile in the final week. I like that. I liked the movie they made and Liam and Ziggy as the twins were ace and the twins acting was good and Ziggy was an amazing Leslie. Brian's impersonation of Charley was bordering on offensive which was highly amusing. It all made me feel quite emotional and I almost liked Carole again. Their little sad faces at the end were heartbreaking.
And I like Jonty's kind, bumbling manner and funny voice and train announcements. I like the fact the twins accept him as he is and aren't creeped out by him.
God if Ziggy's so paranoid about some drunk lardy cake yelling over the fence, wait til he gets out and see what they are saying about him on Digital Spy! I've heard people comment on everything from his hair to his willy. If you care what people think about you, don't go on Big Brother. Your every breath will be dissected. I couldn't stand it. I'd want to rage against it for the rest of eternity and prove that I was alright really, or at least a bit funny, or something.
Carole was looking a bit glam tonight. The other night about about 4am me and my best mate watched the twins straightening and curling Carole's hair on the live feed. Then at about 10am she got up and washed it. Oh well. They tried. I'd just put that bin bag she wears as an apron over her head and have done with it.


Anonymous said...

Is it the final week?
Right, I'm giving myself three options. I can:

1. 'Take up' another soap
2. Watch the last week of bb
3. Download a Spectrum emulator and finish that fucking 'Treasure Island Dizzy' of 20 years ago.

What to do..

lightupvirginmary said...

what soaps do you watch at the moment? I can't advise taking one up, they are time-suckers. I only watch eastenders and corrie and thats too much. You could read my entire BB blog and then you'll be in the loop of BB so could watch the last week. You'll also want to kill yourself. :-)
Dizzy! Oh how I loved that egg.

Anonymous said...

I watch Neighbours & Eastenders ;0
No, I think you're right.
I read your bb stuff anyway lol

lightupvirginmary said...

Don't worry it will be over soon... the pain will end! :-)