Thursday, 9 August 2007

Big Brother 8: I thought that she thought...

I HATE them all talking about nominations! I just want to go, 'No! Don't!' Ziggy stabbed Gerry in the back, just admit it. Carole'll be for it next week now he knows she nominated him. He'll be quick to sell her down the river.
Bit gutted that Amanda loves Liam, not Brian. BAD judgement! Is she so dense she didn't realise what BB was getting at?
Carole 'can you go and ask?' about the cheese. Wtf is her problem? Get off your fat arse and go and ask. She is getting worse. She needs putting out of her misery like the dead old dog she is.
Liam guessed the dream involved white masks!? How odd. Perhaps he's psychopathic.
'I thought that she thought...' was the only precursor to that sentence required, Amanda. Christ!
Liam and Amy's 'romance' is just creepy. Pain threshold? Ergh. Then Liam goes to the diary room and slates Brian. Gross. Knocking out the competition. 'Put the bite on her'? Just what exactly is Liam's sex life like? Perhaps he has more in common with Jonty than he thought. Slagging off Brian- not good for your odds, mate. Lost his virginity at 12? Can you IMAGINE if Amy said that? Go on. Just sit and imagine it for a while. Then tell me men and women are equal these days.
I'm glad the house has been shaken up and team smug is disintegrating. They should bung Chanelle back in. Fuck it.

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