Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Big Brother 8: Fake Plastic Women

Ziggy had his hood up so we knew there was trouble ahead (see Grace Dent). Apparently Ziggy was in a mood cos they showed Richard Madeley calling him 'a bastard'. I watched a clip on youtube and actually Richard called Big Brother a bastard. From my lip reading skills, it looked like he called Ziggy a 'cunt'. Ha! He's only taking advantage cos he can't swear on daytime TV Ziggy, don't take it personally.
Carole's whoopie cushion task idea wasn't much cop, was it? Liam's blow up dolls summed him up really. He likes his women vacant and open-mouthed (but not speaking, naturally).
The task was amusing. It's not hard to come up with a good task, although the producers seem to think it is. Reasons not to vote for Brian and the twinzoids: they go whoop-whoop when they play crap music into the house. WHOOP-WHOOP. DIE! DIE!
I enjoyed the twins hysterical screaming over nothing.
The scary Big Brother voice is hilarious. The fake nominations were stupid. Ziggy doing a Gerry was a laugh. It's too late to fall on your sword! We've got your number, hoodie boy. 'We're not nominating!' Two minutes later... 'Oh OK, Ziggy and Carole.' Ha! Why did they tell them it was a lie straight away? They could have strung that out a bit longer.
I was pleased Amanda sussed Carole was being a twonk. Shame that didn't happen three months ago. I'm glad they are all tense and fractured at the moment. I'm glad the twins are trying to find their place in the world as individuals.
God, I hate Ian Wright.

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