Sunday, 12 August 2007

Big Brother 8: Womb People

I enjoyed BB tonight. Big Brother contstantly plying them with drink is effective as it makes for more horniness, more drama and more laughs. Tracey even seems to be becoming mildly human, but only mildly mind. Still, I enjoyed her jumping into bed with Ziggy, giving Amanda advice and drunkenly falling over.
Brian trying to go be on his own to cry was heartbreaking as he was accosted by Ziggy and then Sam. What had upset him, I'm not sure. Amanda sure does give him mixed signals though. Kara-Louise really fucked me off by telling him he was favourite to win. It ruins the whole show as part of it is the surprise at the end. Kick the boring, insipid skunk out. Encouraging Jonty's spanking sessions isn't wise either. I do like Jonty, he seems very kind. I wish the others would include him a bit more.
PS. Carole to go this week. Or else!

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