Sunday, 5 August 2007

Big Brother 8: The Originals

Firstly a brief note about 'On the Couch.' WHAT a hatchet job on Amy. As if it's not bad enough she's been ostracised in the house, Davina's stringing her up too. Poor show.
So, the originals. And what an unfriendly bunch they've proven to be. Closed ranks, or what? Ziggy and Tracey, thick as thieves. Flabby chauvanist Liam lording it up (although I'm pleased he pissed off 'here's the fucking storm-off' Carole). They are so fucking smug now I just want to punch them all.
Amy didn't help herself when she made that comment about 'wet knickers'- I always feel let down when women sink to the lowest common denominator, but she is a glamour model, for fuck's sake. So she likes having sex. So does Liam. It doesn't make her a bad person. It doesn't make her evil. She just has a strange way of relating to people. So do a LOT of other people in that house. I feel sorry for her that she so undervalues herself that 'fun' with Liam is worth him treating her like that. Tracey and Brian pouring the poison in was horrid. Brian- be careful. Your crown could slip easy. How pathetic that Liam dumped her because of that. It makes you realise how playground bullying works. What was that 'shiny marbles' bullshit about? I thought Amy remained dignified in the face of his extreme cowardice. I loved her 'hardly' comment.
Was Ziggy stroking his willy to make it appear larger? It didn't look that small at first but then compared to all the other bloke's it did. Still, it's how you use it. Nice touch BB making them wear lycra.
I liked the extra bit on the pool, they could've let them have it a bit earlier. Gerry was being mildly unreasonable (at first) about the map thing (I've gone off him a bit lately) but Liam and Ziggy were being total wankers. I hated it when Liam laughed in Gerry's face. You could amuse yourself with geography in the house, let's be honest, there aint much to read.
My Carole rage continues. Her whispers in people's ears is frustrating beyond words. Emotional blackmail. Manipulating. ARGHHHH!

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