Friday, 3 August 2007

Big Brother 8: Fame Hungry Slags

So I already knew Liam, Ziggy, Jonty and Amy went back in. But why all the vitriol towards Amy? Ziggy made the decisions too.
Carole (and her beard) was pouring the poison in big time. When will they see through her? Never. 'She's only after Liam for his money'- so is Liam not allowed a girlfriend ever again now? Is Carole his bouncer? Does she own him because she, Seany and Jonathan (by accident) gave Liam 100K?
Really hate that David calling Amy 'a fame hungry slag.' He and Tracey's slating of her was gross. He's a bad influence on Gerry too. I felt sorry for Amy when she went back in after Liam's 'we should cool it' speech. She did nothing really, they all just projected their anger onto her because they didn't want to blame 'the originals'. It felt a bit like bullying, to be honest, and I don't bandy that word around lightly. The new housemates are pretty gross, but they are bringing out a pack mentality in the old lot.
How wet is Kara-Louise/Kryton/Skunk? They should drop the bomb on the halfway house now. Go on! Drop it!


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at which part? At least roll your eyes constructively. I'm happy to take criticism.

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