Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Richard Dawkins: The Enemies of Reason (Mumbo Jumbo)

A hippy says: 'The evidence is, what you know, you know. You can't argue with knowing.'
You wanna bet, love? Richard Dawkins can argue with you. But better than that, he'll just pull this face like you're a drunk uncle at a posh wedding. At EVERYTHING! This is the best thing about this programme. You don't get this with his books.
Dawkins may have poo-poohed the angels on our shoulders but he can't argue with those head massager things that make you feel like you're having an orgasm in public. Those things are great and he had to admit it. I loved hearing various nutters explaining how some super large fairy lights can give you good 'energy' or how quantum theory can help your love-life. I thought Richard Dawkins was properly going to nut them.
The homeopathy guy was pretty funny: he didn't even seem convinced himself. I KNOW it works though as I used to work in a health food shop and people used to come in and get Rescue Remedy for their horses. Horses don't lie!
He basically concluded that alternative medicine only offers a placebo effect because it is carried out by kindly old hippies and they make you feel special. Then he made a meglomaniacal speech at the end, imploring us to 'think for ourselves!' But only if we agree with him. Hurrah!


Anonymous said...

I once worked in a health food store. I used to keep this great big ring binder behind the counter with an ailment A to Z that I was supposed to consult like some wizened alchemist. So funny. I didn’t have a clue; I’d just give them all valerian root and offer them a ‘Healthy’ magazine!

lightupvirginmary said...

How funny! Morrissey/ health food shops/ miserable at festivals: there's a theme here. I too had the books under the counter. I had no clue either. I used to eat fast food every lunch time because the only crisps we sold were those bloody teddy bears. It did used to make me laugh when people bought Horny Goat Weed.

Anonymous said...

lol I had three in a cup of giner wine. Didn't do much. I think I did a wordsearch in record time or something.