Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Big Brother 8: More than one way to skin a rabbit

Tonight was annoying because it was an uber cuntfest again. 'I don't care that you heard me nominate!' declared Carole and Tracey. What, you don't care that you hurt people's feelings? Nice character trait. I hope that Amy does punch Carole in the face. Sadly, it's not gonna happen.
I liked them being forced to watch the nominations. It was cruel but entertaining. I DIDN'T like them dissing Gerry in the garden. Liam: cunt. Ziggy: knob. Brian: enabler. Tracey: no redeeming features whatsoever.
Gerry is flawed, but he means well. He has a kind heart even if he is quite pompous and vain. You could tell he was really hurt by Ziggy's nomination. Gerry is spot on Ziggy won't be there on the last day. Prick. is it just me, or when Ziggy says 'I apologise' does it sound like he may as well be saying, 'go fuck yourself'?
PS: making the twins skin rabbits was unnecessary. I'm amazed they did it though.

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