Sunday, 12 August 2007

Totally Jodie Marsh: Who'll take her up the Aisle?

Oh yes. You didn't think I'd be anything less than glued to this classy piece of entertainment, did you? Three episodes in and what can I say? I kind of like Jodie Marsh's boorish, pig-thick arrogance. I sort of like her ratty blonde extensions, orange face and Simon Cowell teeth. There is something endearingly horrific about her. The opening credits are grotesque, by the way. I don't know why she agreed to that, or the insulting programme title. Except... I do know why she agreed. Despite the protestations about her massive IQ, she is a severely damaged and desperate individual. Still, I quite like her.
Tonight on being told they were giving tickets to her 'wedding' to competition winners, she said 'What if we get a hater turned up and I get shot? Look at what happened to John Lennon.' As if comparing herself to the hallowed Saint Lennon wasn't funny enough, she then went 'he did get shot, didn't he?' Genius. She later compared her wedding to Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Ego!
Jodie trying to explain what she was famous to an unsuspecting foreign victim was pretty funny. Luckily I don't think he quite understood she was after a husband. I think he just wanted to get his cock temporarily tangoed.
Then she went to some chav bar with some chav child and danced like a twat. All the while she was still texting this guy Matt who did want to marry her, but they couldn't stop arguing (mainly because she wanted to date other blokes before she decided to marry him). But also he said 'when I marry you you can stop wearing all that make up'. LOVELY! Alarm bells, control freak. Sounds like a match made in Heaven, right? But then she decided 'she's not over him' so he came back to see her again. Christ. I wasn't this stupid when I was 16.


* (asterisk) said...

I actually quite like Jodie Marsh, but I've not been watching this. What amazes me is that she seems to abdicate responsibility for big decisions, such as who to marry!

She also apparently did a thing with Bizarre magazine: "choose Jodie's next tattoo". Another abdication of responsibility, arguably a permanent decision that a husband.

What is that about. Does she feel unworthy? Is she emotionally damaged? Been subject to a controlling partner/parents/sibling? Strange. I don't like her nose, though. I have a thing about bad noses. They make me want to pull of my own nose. Or rub it vigorously anyway.

lightupvirginmary said...

I like her too in a strange way.
I can't stand big noses either but hers is alright in a way because it's straight at least, just a bit weird.
I saw that tattoo she had, a devil's tail coming out of her bum. Lovely!
I think she has been in abusive relationships. But at some stage you have to wise up, right?