Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Big Brother 8: Baldergash

Another crashing bore tonight. Carole's reign of terror continues unabated with not ONE nomination thanks to Gerry's impassioned leaving speech. Even Ziggy bottled it. Only Carole voted tactically, not much caring if the originals survived to the last week. Instead she had her big fat kitchen knife out for the competition. What a sweet old lady. I'd be angry if I wasn't expecting it. Boy is she going to get the shock of her life when she gets BOOOOOOOOOOted out of there. I wouldn't be surpised if BB throws her out the back door to save her from it. I hope Jonty doesn't go. I hope Tracey gets booted. But as the decision is in the hands of the moronic public and their misplaced text messages I've got no hope whatsoever.
I would however like to see the back of Kara-Louise. Whilst I enjoyed her baiting of Goldilocks it is not enough to save the biggest BB dullard since Vanessa (the black one, not the snooty south african one). I did enjoy Brian's continued reminding Ziggy of Kara's mild and unfunny abuse.
Question: why was Kara plucking her armpit hair? That seems like an excruciatingly long-winded method of hair-removal and paticularly horrible to watch on TV. Has she not heard of disposible razors?
Brian is getting on my nerves a little bit now too. Twins or Jonty to win at the mo.
PS. How much of a sexist scumbag is Liam asking Kara-Louise if she's going to do Nuts when she leaves the house? Like that's her only possible course of action as a woman. Flabby prick.

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