Friday, 24 August 2007

Big Brother 8: On the Fence of Love

There is a fly on my screen. I do not have enough breath in me thanks to a combination of vodka, champagne and red bull (they call it Champbull, I call it Redpagne') to blow it off. PS. I don't normally drink champagne. I just wanted to get hammered.
Highlights: seeing the morons dancing to 'Umbrella-ella-uh-uh' made me feel glad to still be the only person in the country (probably) who has never heard this song in it's entirety. Cos it's shit. Ziggy's simpering puppy dog act to Kara didn't really wash; her and Jonty were so marginalised by that point they may as well have been the home help.
So I was dead happy that they booted out Tracey: a woman so irrelevant that shitty rave tune Josh Wink is her top song of all time. I got sick of hearing that when I was around 16. Go and stuff yourself full of E, Tracey. Fuck off. By the way, what the fuck is picallili? I have no fucking clue. I liked the fact 19 year old Brian knew Stefan Dennis's 'don't it make you feel good'. I have fond memories of my brother singing that at me as a child.
At least Jonty staying gave the housemates the slap in the face they needed (even if the percentages were very close). Tracey came across alright in the interview and Kara was short-changed. So what's new? PS. Kara's frumpy dresses were just weird. Where do you get those? Millets?
Now we have to wait til Friday to kick 'em all out. My predictions as follows: Carole, Jonty, Ziggy, Liam, Twins, Brian.
What I want? Oh what does it matter any more. FYI: The fly has now drowned. In the redpagne. :-(


Mr Karl said...

I've never heard the Umberella-elle-ella song in it's entirety either, but thats because i refuse to give certain music a chance.

I will get out of northampton as soon as i get some money, got my heart set on moving to south africa at some point.

Anonymous said...

Piccalilli: A sweet tasting but poisonous sealant. Wash down with brown bread and a pint of gin.

I’m want to go to that BB set and stand in the crowd with a big placard: “Davina – I LOVE YOU”

lightupvirginmary said...

Mr karl: that's because the 'certain music' you speak of is otherwise known as 'shit'.