Friday, 24 August 2007

Review: 28 Weeks Later

I'm normally pretty hard, I'm not scared of rollercoasters or hoodies, but I watched 28 Weeks Later last night and was flat out terrified. I'm not really sure how to describe the horror without ruining it, so I won't go into details but BLOODY HELL! Is there any need for such gratuitous horror?
How could a film encompass a character MORE scary than Begbie? This one managed it. I don't think I can look at Robert Carlyle again. Fucking hell. I felt physically sick at some parts of this film. The bit with the wife... the bit where they are all locked up in the basement, the snipers, the tube... (after a tiny slow start) it was just relentless. The music is so creepy as well. The only respite was when they went to Regents Park, which is my local park so I enjoyed that. That is something very cool about watching films set in London when you live in London, and they did a tour of all it's finest landmarks. Don't ask me how they managed to squeeze Wembley Stadium in, it's miles away from the river. But the Yanks won't know, will they? How cool does the Thames look when you can see all its wiggly glory from a helicopter (and not from the Eastenders credits)? I'm not normally very excited about living in London but it when you see it blown to bits and over run by zombies you start to feel a little setimental.
This film was a lot pacier than the first (why is it underlining pacier, that is a fucking word, stupid dictionary from hell) with none of the ridiculous war/Doctor Who crapness. The shaky camera angles when people are getting it are a blessed relief because I don't even want to see. I was hiding behind a cushion. The ending might as well have got on a rooftop and screamed 'SEQUEL!' Oh it's not a sequel if it's the third, is it. What is it? I've forgotten. Anyway. It's all good stuff, so watch it. You probably have already, we're just downloading stuff at the mo so it's a random mixture of old and newness.


Mr Karl said...

Interesting blog you have here, if 28 days/weeks people made another film it would either be a sequel if they chose to make even more, or if they decided to end it, it would be a trilogy.

Anonymous said...

I soiled myself fourteen times watching Shaun of the Dead so this is probably unsuitable for me.

lightupvirginmary said...


Ossian said...

Can't watch horror. There's enough in reality. Have you ever looked at something and seen it the wrong way?

I think I could write it though.

lightupvirginmary said...

Have I ever looked at something and seen it the wrong way? Eh?
I know what you mean about some horror, I can watch silly stuff but I can't watch humourless horror like the texas chainsaw massacre.

lightupvirginmary said...

I don't think I could write it. It's hard!