Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Big Brother 8: Gerrymandering

Fuck all is happening in the house again so they spice things up by making them insult each other, and by making Gerry look like a dick (not hard at the moment, as he is going on, but he's still got a good heart). Brian was nasty to him and I didn't like it. Ziggy doesn't care cos he's immune from eviction.
The obstacle course was SO boring. I honestly could not give a toss, as long as Carole goes.
It was interesting hearing them all plotting to overthrow Carole in the caravan. Why can't one of them just stand up to her? The way she spoke to Gerry was disgusting as well, what a vile person. And defying Big Brother too! Who does she think she is?
'Let's all go to bed and be quiet now.'
THAT'S entertainment.

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